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Life Hits (2006)
8 July 2006
Christina is a part of a tough girl group, with her best friends, Cecilie, Trine and Pernille. They live for the weekends where they gatecrash party's, get drunk and experiment with drugs and sex. In a mix of being bored, and lack of money, the girls rob a locker room, Christina is seen by an old lady, and in her confession, she has to give in the other girls. Suddenly she is no longer in the inner circle of the group, she's and outcast, and a snitch! That, and the fact that Cecilie thinks Chistina has something going on with her boyfriend, drives them out in a crazy drama of revenge. It all ends with violent encounter.

I think it is a very god movie! It tells a great story, and in a fantastic way. The music in the movie is also great, and very well chosen, for the different scenes. I especially like Street Corner Poets.
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Julie (2005)
Julie has a lot of problems, Mikkel (whom she has a crush on) gets mad at her, along with everybody else, and her father returns, after having been missing for a long time.
17 October 2005
I like the series about Julie, it's a nice little story. At first I thought it was a children's show, and couldn't really understand that all of my classmates, and a lot of other people on my age and older, seemed to like it. But when I got my self together, and decided to watch it, I really liked it, I think its a sweet story about a young girl, who gets into a lot trouble, and somehow manages to get out them, and she deserves it, she has not wanted anything bad for anyone, and she has only tried to help. It is definitely better than I had expected, and I could easily see it lots of times again. I have a love/hate relationship with happy endings, I like them, because I always want the best for the characters, and I hate them, because it dose not always work out in real life, so why in movies? but this time I love it, she really does deserve it. This movie is very close to real life, it has a lot of things from the real world in it, so it's okay that it works out, else it wold just have been scary close to real.
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