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The Atheist Delusion (2016 Video)
Ray Comfort attempts to prove atheists are deluded using irreducible complexity and attacking modern science.
24 October 2016
This movie is painful to watch. After viewing it I was left with the question, "Is Ray Comfort a stupid, uneducated man or is this his shtick?" So I checked his bio. A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE is trying to teach us about science !!!Trying to correct some of the worlds most educated, intelligent men. The experts he lines up and interviews appear to be equally unaware. He attempts to debunk evolution using some of the most ridiculous logic I've heard. The bit where he questions the young adults on the probability of a book writing itself must be aimed at elementary school kids. Rays confusion on DNA is the hallmark of an uneducated person, and is just embarrassing. The fake atheists he questions had me laughing at one point. This movie is just a big collection of fools.
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Audacity (2015)
Cringeworthy Movie
11 July 2015
I ran across this movie by accident. The title caught my eye and the topic was timely enough to be interesting. I thought it might provide a well thought out view on a controversial topic. Only after the movie was over did I look into the person responsible for this crime against film making. Ray Comfort. Wow. If stupid was illegal he'd be serving a life sentence. The writing is stilted and unrealistic. The acting embarrassing. The main actors have since expressed regret for their part in this movie, and expressed support for LGBT rights. You can tell their hearts are just not in this movie. Half way through this movie I was cringing, embarrassed for the actors and the audience. But I was determined to stick it out. I won't call the evening a waste though. My wife and I came away with a better understanding of the fear and ignorance driving the discrimination against some of God's children. Like the other oppressed people in the history of our country, (I'm referring to women and people of color), LGBT are portrayed in stereotypical light comparable to the Anos and Andy propaganda of the 50's. This movie will be famous. I predict it will be the worst rated movie ever made. What a despicable display of intolerance.
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