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Area 51 (2015)
What a load of rubbish
6 June 2015
Bought this film from Sky. What a load of crap. Only watched it because I'd paid money for it and thought it might get better. Unfortunately, it only got worse. If this had been free, I would have deleted it within 30 mins. Please, please, please, do not waste any of your life watching this utter crap. This Film Is Complete And Utter Rubbish. Quite honestly I think it was written and acted as if this was your first drama project in secondary school. You're given an idea and had to develop it. If I had been their teacher, I would have gave them an F, in fact it would have been ungraded. It was like they'd ran out of ideas at the end, or the school bell had rung and they had to make an ending. It was that bad, that there isn't even a soundtrack when the titles rolled at the end.
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