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Pastime (1990)
Second Most Powerful Movie Of My Life
1 May 2015
I saw a movie about Christ when I was 17 that led me to faith in Christ. Though Pastime did not lead to my eternal salvation, it had a tremendous impact on my life.

I came from a highly abusive family and that caused me to really relate to Tyrone's character; I had trouble looking my father in the eye. I remember the day this movie inspired me to do just that. On that day, unfortunately my father ripped into me, saying everything foul he could. I looked him in the eye, just like Debray looked at his oppressor, and I said to my dad, "You haven't listed even half my faults." I celebrated that "Liberation Day" for me by climbing "Grizzly Rock" and drinking a root beer from the top of the world! I have seen this movie 50 -100 times(?). Each time, I tell myself I won't cry at the end - but I always have. When Debray stands tall on the mound, I am standing there too.

Those who think this movie is depressing have missed the point. When Bream is pitching "alone" in the stadium, those are the angels cheering. No one gave him recognition on this earth, but, as the movies says, his reward is in heaven.

I actually had the opportunity to communicate online with Glenn Plummer (Debray). Though Russ did a phenomenal job as Bream, it is Plummer who really stands out for me in my favorite acting performance of all time (and I love and have seen many, many movies!), especially the character's transformation after Inez's kiss.

That said, the first shot of Bream's character is worth getting the movie for! This movie is a character study on Bream. Whether you like baseball or not, do you want to be successful in this life? Watch Bream and Debray!

The gems of wisdom in this movie are too numerous to tell here. Today, I am a master teacher, but when I first saw this movie I was a struggling rookie reminding myself of the wisdom of Bream, "There's the box score and there's my name. Spelled it wrong, but even (when) old Stan parked it on me was still a fine day. Just being in the game is what counts - and doing your best. And if your best ain't good enough for the bigs, that's the name of the game. That's ball!"

Here are some other favorites:

"It's what a man does with his God-given."

"Keever, it doesn't matter how good someone else is. It doesn't make you any better; it doesn't make you any worse. Now let's play ball, son."

"Maybe if I ..." (You have to see the scene to understand the greatness of this quote)

"Hold it! Hold it! Skip? We forgot the Bangle!"

"Zero babes. I got to get out of the minors" (said by a ballplayer, while Bream is intensely watching the game from the bullpen)

I now stand tall, like Debray, and no one can shame me. "Ain't no reason to look at the ground for nobody, huh?"

Yes, you could say I recommend this movie! I give it a rating of 11 out of 10.
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