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Deuces (2016)
Larenz Tate & Rick Gonzalez--THEY GOT ME GOOD!!
10 May 2017
Deuces has a phenomenal cast, I've been waiting for Larenz Tate to make a come back on the Big Screen! There's no doubt that the actors as a whole made this film come to life. I enjoyed the rivalry and unrest between Larenz Tate and Rick Gonzalez. It would be great to see them work together again, their chemistry kept me engaged and unprepared for the climax. Here's to another copacetic film filled with crime AND suspense by Director, Jamal Hill, that kept me guessing and wanting for MORE!
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Brotherly Love (III) (2015)
Brotherly Love Real & Relevant!
29 April 2015
Brotherly Love is the movie that speaks to ALL generations. This Dynamic Drama will touch your heart as it reflects moments of our youth that we all face-- those life events where your decisions can either make or break your dreams. Brotherly Love is relevant and real!

The main characters each played their roles in a way that clearly expressed a connection which complimented each and every scene. Cory Hardrict (American Sniper, 2014) is PHENOMENAL!

I appreciated the unpredictable plot twist which is lacking in many dramatic films. Quincy Brown, being a new comer to the film industry will surprise viewers as he skillfully plays a co-starring role that keeps up with the talent and versatility of KeKe Palmer.

It's a must see with the whole family to remind humanity that ALL LIVES matter!
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