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Go Figure (2005 TV Movie)
Thoughts about the movie! (Go Figure)
12 June 2005
This movie was entertaining (as other users have stated)! Although some of the information, in the movie, was inaccurate, some of it was true.

The way the writers and characters explained the life of the figure skaters and of the hockey players was kind of confusing, considering all the back and forth of the backgrounds and time periods. Also as another user commented, why wouldn't a teacher or a normal person walking in the hallway ask why the girl was covered in purple paint. Most teachers are worried about the well being of the students.They have to be a little more realistic and explain a little more about what is going on. And, most figure skaters aren't so much about make up and "GLITTER". It's about fulfilling your dreams at what you are good at.

Although I don't know too much about judging movies, this movies had a good point and had a good "lesson" to learn. It was a little enlightening but it didn't have a very good focal point. It also didn't go too much into detail about the main character's life, so we/the viewer could know more about the persons background and what she has accomplished before she went to her new school.

Well as I have already stated, this movie was good, but it needed to be more realistic and self explanatory.
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