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Jumping the Shark....
21 March 2014
I loved the show when it first started. Rick seems like a genuinely nice guy. There was some contrived shtick, but now (2014) it's getting out of hand. They spend less time showing how the work is done and more time on everybody trying to be an inked-up weirdo and phony conflict scenarios. I don't expect the show to view like a PBS craftsman documentary, but I don't know why History has come to believe that everybody enjoys this fake sitcom garbage. They have introduced 3 new cast members, and all their scenarios and hi-jinks seem utterly scripted. I liked it better when his wife was on camera now and then. I think they need to go back to basics and focus on the history of the items and the details of how they are restored. I'm starting to wonder if the work is even done there. I was in shock the other day when a guy was actually demonstrating a lathe. They need more of that! I know reality TV is anything but reality, but this show is getting hard to watch, especially that kid with the two-tone hair that hasn't seemed to mature at all in 5 years. I'd have thought he'd lose that preposterous dye job by season 3. Honestly, everybody trying to be "weird" on History is getting really tedious and dull.
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