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such a waste of 5247
3 August 2019
I have put off watching this trash but when it came on line I watched and what a total failure of a motion picture, a film and a story. I don't understand how it could set such great reviews has everyone gone mad?
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Silent Witness: Home: Part 1 (2010)
Season 13, Episode 9
script written by the janitor
25 January 2019
From my experience when a script is so badly written it my have been done by a fill in writer comically the janitor writer. This show has the worst ever I am sure Sam would never acted in this episode. yes we have been watching this show that long.
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The Brave (2017–2018)
not a good view of reality
28 September 2017
the Brave is a perfect example of why those who want to help mankind should work in the inner city or work with young people here in the home land. Humanitarian journeys simply make a new way of committing suicide as the people in these god-forsaken country could not care less about the dedicated young people who think they are there to help the unfortunate few. keep up the good work and hopefully society will get the picture and stop this madness called helping those who cant or wont help themselves Carl
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Criminal Minds (2005–2020)
Criminal Minds is now less of a show due to the attempt at affirmative action
12 February 2017
My wife and I are avid viewers of Criminal Minds not that we enjoy the violent nature of the show but rather because it shows how our world is evolving. The BAU is supposed to be a talent pool to sort out the nature of crimes and stop them. However, after the departure of Shemar Moore who played Derek Morgan and Thomas Gibson who played Aaron Hotchner the introduction of new actors has left the show sadly lacking. Adam Rodriguez who plays Luke Alvez is fine actor with talent and dramatic skill and we enjoyed his time with NCIS Miami and he is a welcome actor to Criminal Minds. However, the addition of Aisha Tyler who plays Dr. Tara Lewis is laughable at best and downright foolish. she is OK doing the chat show TALK but has absolutely no acting skills and is so unbelievable as the character she is portraying that she drags down each episode she appears in. Also, Damon Gupton who plays Stephen Walker is not convincing as a member of the BAU of the FBI. In the fist place he brings no acting skills and people wonder who in heavens name is this guy. His performance is flat and he is like a hanger-on to the rest of the group. Criminal Minds had a formula that worked and made each episode quality entertainment but since the desire to accommodate the black acting community the show is much less. People like Denzel Washington did not ever need to be boosted up for any part and this what is happening here Carl Stewart
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Cardinal (2017– )
wrong place names and illogical cast member
2 February 2017
For the areas suggested (Algonquin lake) the native people in the area were Cree and as such would not have had a lake named after a native culture to the south and west of the Ottawa River. The casting of Karine Vanasse is typical of a Canadian made TV production. The chances of a French Canadian police officer of any kind in the area of Northern Ontario is so remote that it smacks of Quebec influence in Casting. Have only seen one episode and while i will take a look at a second it will likely be just another Canadian made TV show that is flat and without emotion or substance. With the abundance of talent in Canada and even locally in the north I wonder how hard the production team actually looked to find the right people to fill the roles. Same old same old
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Hawaii Five-0: Ka'ili aku (2016)
Season 7, Episode 11
silly and stupid
20 December 2016
usually we watch Hawaii 50 in remembrance of the original and we tolerate the foolishness of modern writing, but his episode must have John Garret literally reeling in his grave. Jack Lord would have just not done this set because of the sheer stupidity of it. oh i know it is only for entertainment and after all it is just a TV show but come on make some resemblance of an effort to keep things sort of real. worst episode of a host of bad shows. in this day of severe lack of good writers i can understand the failure of this script. time to make writers accountable for their work. time for directors to become accountable for their so called direction
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