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The Incredibles (2004 Video Game)
Not so incredible..
27 January 2015
But still a fun game! When I first got the game for about $5.99 I wasn't expecting almost anything of it so when I got home I popped the game in my xbox and gave it a go I did acturally play the game once when I was a lot younger for a short time and I couldn't remember much of it but I did remember it was kind of fun.. Sort of Anyway, I started up the game and I thought i was just gonna give it a go and only pass level 1 then take out the disc but the game back on the shelf and go play black ops online and think to myself I'll get back to the game sometime, and I likely never will So the first mission was like the movie when Mr incredible gets into his suit and goes on a pursuit then for bad guys then when I started playing you go around rooftops punching out bad guys I was surprised it was pretty fun the plot/storyline wasn't really great or anything but it was just fun jumping through windows and buildings beating the crap out of all bad guys then grabbing objects and throwing them at bad guys and getting passed lasers/ locked doors and stuff I did kind of feel like the spider-man movie game with the "run around beating them up" storyline but was still fun then you go around as Mr incredibles wife and use her alastic powers to beat more bad guys and throw them around. And that's most of the game. So if you enjoyed the movie you may as well get the game because there is also more different stuff in the game then in the movie as most video games based off movies do but I mainly played for enjoyably fun beating all the bad guys.
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Max Payne (2001 Video Game)
Action-packed classic!
1 October 2014
Definitely one of the best action third person shooter games ever made! and already probably one of the best if not the best game of 2001. Rockstar really knew what they were doing when they made this awesome action shooter game.

The premise of the game follows max payne as he sets out to find answers to the drug Valkaer V and kill anyone in his way, By that I mean you get to kill a lot of people in this game which is more than 600! As you go from new york subways to rooftops and all over manhattan it's is very fun and the bad guys are funny when they see you they go: Ice him! Got him down! It's Payne! Hold it! What the hell! Die! and all the bad guys feel the same the bullet time is also very cool in the game,

So enough about the game if you can get it on PS2, Xbox or preferably PC then definitely go buy it if you are into Rockstar games or any other shooter you will love it! even if your not into them still definitely give this classic a "shot"

now to kill them all.... (Can't think of a good way to end the review so..) BYE!
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Hitchcock (2012)
First IMDb Review!, and this film was no disappointment! ...
23 August 2013
(May contain a small amount of spoilers) So this of coarse isn't a hitchcock masterpiece, but pretty great cinema of the making of a hitchcock masterpiece anyway, "Hitchcock" is a drama film love story about the making of psycho, it focuses a lot on the relationship between hitch and alma so I found that pretty interesting and also on the psycho movie of coarse and how hitch was able to get the film to be released and show the full shower scene (May contain spoilers for the psycho movie) and other things, when I heard Anthony Hopkins was Hitchcock I was excited especially when I saw the trailer. during the movie you can really take your mind off the fact it's not the real Alfred Hitchcock because his performance is so good and so is Helen Mirren as Alma even though, I have never seen Anything of the real Alma but a couple of photos, I still believed she was very good, Scarlett Johansson was good Janet Leigh as well .... A bit, so in my opinion I went into this film (with great expectations) and wasn't disappointed its even nominated for some good Oscars and things so if your interested in hitchcock then don't forget to check this out!
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