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Pu-239 (2006)
This film filled my expectations
18 November 2007
This film filled my expectations; when i saw that kind of title i thought this movie was going to be different-and it was. A semi-foreign style to it, PU-239 try to tells us the story of this guy that gets radiation poisoning in this secret facility, with plutonium, and how it affects his relation to his family. The only thing i actually didn't like(because the movie tells some interesting facts about the chemical elements among other things and that's a plus to the movie) was the addition to a gang-like story to collide with this guy's(Timofey)search for justice and money to sustain his family due to being fired from the facility; it wasn't necessary that addition, i would've liked it better if it were more concentrated on Timofey. But overall is a must-see movie, not a great one but a worthy watching at home.
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The Gathering (1998)
I had high expectations for this movie...
28 September 2006
I had high expectations for this movie because of the reviews i read but when i saw the movie was completely different. Honestly even though the movie quality for being of the late 90's is good, i really didn't like it.

I'm OK with the message of salvation and how is put but there could be more details. The acting wasn't that great either and the visual effects didn't surprise me. I know this is a evangelism type of movie but i'd extend the movie to the point of not letting you wanting for more.

Really i was disappointed with this movie, I thought this movie would contains solid scenes from the tribulation and more surprising effect of the gathering but i had to admit it that it was in someway awful BUT still i recommend it anyway as a tool of evangelism to other lives, after all the thing that is really worth is the WORD OF GOD in the movie and not the technical.
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