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do they really think they're better than Mark Twain?
29 July 2013
I bought the DVD because Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn were my favorite books growing up. I read them so many times, I almost know them by heart. So, full of expectations, I started to watch the movie. The actors are good, the atmosphere reminds me of the book - and there it ends. The plot is something else entirely - so loosely based on the marvelous novel it falls completely through. Fifteen minutes in the movie and it already goes off on a tangent, in an entirely different direction. Some characters are from the book, some aren't. Even the ones that are in the book have suddenly a different agenda. An incredibly bad movie in itself, an incoherent story where not even a sparkle from Mark Twain's genius shines through. Why, why would somebody think that he or she can rewrite one of the most wonderful stories of all times???
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The Village (2004)
A beautiful movie, advertised as a horror and subsequently underrated
10 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The Village is a good movie, and unfortunately many people went to see it expecting a horror and wanting hard to get scared. The idea was interesting, it was beautifully filmed, and the actors had an excellent performance. What more? It's maybe not a major movie, but a pretty good one.

SPOILER A wave of disappointment over the lack of abundantly salivating aliens, or mythical monsters, or unnamed ghosts that should populate the woods around the village provoked an unleashed flow of testosterone and aggressivity over the movie and the ones who happened to like it. It's incredible one can read on the front page commentaries full of advices - "go see a doctor" and alike.

Well, this is the power of prejudice, and intelligent people should have the power to get over it and appreciate this movie for what it is. Another disappointment was : "I got the plot from the beginning" and the unexpected conclusion - "the movie was stupid". Aren't we a bit underestimating ourselves in this case? Foreseeing the twists could mean - maybe, just maybe, that WE are not stupid. Not foreseeing meaning absolutely nothing. A regrettable lack of tolerance and flexibility...

What these furious and negative little comments seem to forget is the message - yes, some movies have ideas and messages - others have the scare between two mouthfuls of popcorn.

What i understood was : one cannot make a perfect society. That no matter how one protects it from outside - finally the evil will come from within. What was maybe a flaw (and probably not the only one) was who and what the 'evil' was.

No, I will not seek doctor advice because some scenes frightened me. Instead, i am quite happy that against my expectations, i could appreciate this movie for what it is NOT.
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