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Fillmore! (2002–2004)
The Value Of "X" is Always Constant...
6 September 2004
Fillmore!, as I've stated in other reviews, is perhaps the most intelligent and witty cartoon I've ever seen. Aside from the fact that many of the plots are somewhat predictable, this program is virtually flawless. The words "well written" wouldn't even begin to describe the genius that is fillmore!. I can't tell you how many times I've been blown away by the sheer intellect found in whats unfortunately being called "A Kid's Cartoon". This program absolutely deserves the acclaim it's been given in the "San Francisco Chronicle", and many more seasons to boot. Scott Gimple should be forever proud of such an achievement, but quickly aware of his fate. With the way Disney is working these days, I wouldn't be surprised if this masterpiece was canceled for re-runs of "Sabrina the animated series"...
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Lloyd in Space (2001–2004)
Something Beautiful...
6 September 2004
Words cannot describe how this formulaic, cliché farce about a green alien teen (and his daily struggles) makes me feel. Not since before the airing of "Fillmore" had Disney EVER put out something so captivating. Many have said that "Lloyd in Space" is basically just "Recess" in a different wrapper, but I beg to differ. Although Recess was a gem in it's own right, it didn't come across as having the same production quality as Lloyd in Space, or the same writing/acting quality (Yes, even voice-over actors can be bad). Although its not original (in any way, shape or form), "Lloyd In Space" carries a certain signature style, which I believe can NEVER EVER be duplicated (With exceptions held for "Paul & Joe", of course). I'd give anything to have a final episode placed in production, where every question us "Die-hard" fans have could be answered
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