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The Spirit (2008)
An incredibly long and winded self-indulgent un-movie!
19 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the Spirit at a special advanced screening in Montreal yesterday evening... Wow! what a bore-fest! Granted, Frank Miller's style still makes for beautiful imagery, but Holy God, the man doesn't know the first thing about about the cinematic language! Some scenes go on like, what seems, forever! One scene in particular where the Spirit finds himself tied to a dentist chair while the Octopus and his sidekick Dental Floss, or whatever the name of Scarlet Johansson's character is, talk and talk and talk for... at least twenty minutes! I'm kidding you not! See for yourself when it opens.

There is no sense whatsoever of pacing or rhythm, scenes start abruptly and close for no reason, without ever building or leading to something else... The movie (or un-movie as I like to call it) is more like a collage of beautiful images. There is no real story, no real danger, no characters real enough to connect to.

I'd like to tell you to skip it, but you'll have to see it for yourself to believe how bad it is!...
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The Office: Gay Witch Hunt (2006)
Season 3, Episode 1
I hope they win an Emmy for this one.
23 November 2006
Wow! I just can't get enough of this episode. I recorded it on DVD-R when it came out (no pun intended!) and I watch it over and over. The writing is unbelievable, and the acting is top notch. Steve Carell may just be the greatest actor on television right now! He could just come out as a prick, but with the subtlety he puts in his acting, you can sense a childlike quality behind his antics. He is incredible. This episode gets funnier and funnier with each viewing, but also the ending, with Micheal's voice-over about love, gets more and more heart-breaking. I would give this episode a 15 out of 10 if I could! It will probably end-up being the best episode of the series.
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Cheech (2006)
Cheech... Not the movie you think it is...
9 October 2006
Don't let the trailer fool you: Cheech is not about cardboard characters running in and out of closets. It's about six people, some more depressed than others, living through the worst day of their lives. They will make bad decisions along the way that will make things even worse. -The script is very clever, with great twists and turns. The characters are well defined, with enough dirty secrets to keep you guessing till the very end. -The acting is superb! Patrice Robitaille is, as always, mesmerizing. Anick Lemay is also very good at shredding away her "good girl" image. But the real revelation is Maxime Dénommée who does wonders with his wild eye, innocent guy, way over his head... -Patrice Sauvé signs a very good movie, with slick direction, and high visual flair. -Let's not forget the music, which seems to be underestimated a lot in this case. Normand Corbeil's score is very evocative, and conveys a feeling of oppression that suits the visuals very well. A very good movie, but not the comedy the trailer makes you think it is.
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The Phantom (1996)
The comic strip brought to life!
19 September 2005
I Don't understand people bashing this movie! They probably don't like movies made in the 30's or 40's because this movie is dead-on its period! It has the charm, the innocence, the fun of a bygone era! It's got the drive of an old serial combined with today's most beautiful cinematography. Everything is possible for the Phantom, like jumping down from a biplane on a horse, hanging on to a plane for hours and so on, yet he his just a normal human being with no super powers! I find no problem believing in those characters, or maybe I should say that I have no problem to suspend my disbelief. For sarcastic moviegoers of today, I suppose this means the movie is bad, cheesy or childish. I just think it's "swell"!
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The movie may be lost, but the animation survives!
1 August 2005
To be frank, I've never seen the movie "The Animal World" but as a kid, I inherited the View-Master reels, and later the "Prehistoric Animals" packet, from my older brother... Boy! Did I wish I could see the movie one day! Being a monster movie buff, I bought the movie "The Black Scorpion" on DVD lately and to my surprise, I found out that the entire "Dinosaur Sequence" animated by Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen from "Animal World" was included as an extra feature on it! Wow! I finally saw it! And it was worth the wait... in part. I'm giving it a rating of 8/10 because the sequence is composed of superb stop-motion animation by two great masters, but also of cheesy looking dinosaur puppets... Anyway, it's great fun to look at!
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I felt like a kid again!
18 July 2004
When I was a kid, my older brother bought a cheap, B/W, very dark copy of this movie on super-8mm to play on his projector, from an ad in «Famous Monsters»... Wow! Did I love this movie!!! I must have watched it at least 50 times!

Since then, I've always wanted to see a complete version (because the reel my brother had bought was only a 15 minutes version of it) of this movie but, with no luck. Until yesterday that is, when I found a used VHS of it, and for a mere $5, I finally saw with my own eyes what my imagination could only supply till now: vibrant colors, longer scenes, "ancient" dialogues, etc...

It was better than I had imagined! I was glued to the TV set like I was 6, all over again...

I read the users comments before writing this one and found it sad that some comments, are missing the point completely! This ain't an historical movie! It's pure escapism fun! The same way "The Valley of Gwangi" is, or any Harryhausen movie was... Watching this movie made me regret having thrown out all my old «Prehistoric Scenes» Aurora model kits!
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