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Excellente series. Historical accuracy
8 March 2012
I think is an excellent series with good acting and reconstruction of the period with the assistance of documentaries. This is not a film for women as another reviewer said, it simply show the machismo of those years than in Latin America is still prevalent thru tyrannies. The film even shows the weakness and defects of the main characters. And yes is repetitive BECAUSE THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS REPITE CONSTANTLY. They have to fled from communism and them from Nazis from one country to another. Thats a fact, no a figment of imagination. As a Cuban I saw in my own country how the Jews that came from Europe because communism and Nazism have to fled again when Castro took power. They were leaving again with tears on their eyes, loosing again all their properties. I'm not a Jew, but I wish I was. They are hard workers and help each other, most people envy them and that's the reason they have been always persecuted.
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