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A very solid addition to the TPB canon!
16 February 2020
An 8, but a very solid 8! meaning very good! production values are high, and the story drags just a little in a couple of spots, but overall, it is quite a ride! when was the last time you saw bubbles w/a "love interest"? (never!) lots to enjoy here. lahey (and randy) have never been better. great to see jim in such a non-TPB locale at the beginning and end-the movie is structured very cleverly, bookends and throughout. you'll be entertained from the moment it starts, and doubly when you read "(just) one week earlier..." ; )
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Really, Really, Really GOOD
14 February 2020
Ignore the 2 negative reviews. how anyone could not find this 46 mins. of the best TPB ever, is beyond me. great fun to see the origins of some TPB staples/relationships. also fun to see the park in a different season, w/sonw, etc. poignant too! some of the best TPB ever!
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Rocketman (I) (2019)
Good for the masses, but not the EJ-knowledgable
5 February 2020
Fairly good bio-pic/jukebox musical as these things go, but...

1) i'm sorry, i can't get past the screwed-up chronology of when songs appeared in real life, vs. where the movie used them

2) i don't understand all the praise for the star's singing--his voice is ok, but nothing special, and he only very occasionally evoked elton john's style/tones. they definitely should have lip synced EJ's vocals; would have been much more powerful

3) should have shoe-horned in a few more details from his life and career and music making; it would have taken maybe 10-15 mins. of screen time, but would hvae lended so much more authenticity to the project. they left so much important stuff out

4) the style employed of dramatic scenes breaking out into musical scenes was ok, but seemed somehow forced; especially w/the incorrect chronologies employed. seems like they were trying to repeat the oscar-winning approach used in La La Land (very overrated movie in my opinion). 1 or 2 scenes were more effective (swimming pool/under water), but most just seemed a little silly

on the plus side, the child actor who played EJ as a kid looked just like EJ looked as a kid!
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Been done before, better. Not very good....
1 October 2018
I'm a big fan of his show and stand-up, but this movie just misses somehow... i know it seems ridiculous cuz it's his movie, but, even w/the glasses, he seems miscast. art is hit or miss, and this just doesn't click for me. scenes and dialogue seem a bit forced, performances are a bit odd/off. I love the subject matter but it's an homage to better (obviously woody allen, for instance) films, and does not measure up in comparison. manhattan, for instance, is 50 X better than this movie.
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too short! amazing footage!
23 January 2016
not sure why they filmed this; maybe mgr. vanya's ego decreed that he document his whole life? at any rate, the access provided is astonishing. an int'ing period in the history of the band, as they ride the wave of success of their 1st album. the gals are about 18 here. if you're a die-hard fan of this band, then this is must-see watching. touches on the key subjects for any die-hard fan, how do the gals feel about their (fake) lesbian image, lena's confessions to her priest, julia's not surprising wildness and willingness to try anything. i personally find their story fascinating; how young teens, in show biz all their lives, deal w/sudden international superstardom. their rise and (disbanding) is one of the more interesting stories in recent rock and roll history. btw, there are at least 2 other tatu behind- the-scenes series, that showed on Russian TV (and they're available to view on youtube, as might this one for that matter); anyway, they're all great. i only wish this one were longer!
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VERY ENTERTAINING. not sure why people didn't watch
18 June 2014
very entertaining all the way through, and the girl you hope wins.... does win! (i won't say who, but it's clearly the right decision)

if you liked, 'my big fat obnoxious fiancé' or even 'windy city heat,' you will like this!

too bad more people didn't tune in to make it a success; they must've spent a gazillion dollars to make this!

ryan seacrest, if you're out there, this was GOOD! i have no idea why it flopped (then again, so did windy city heat)

my only suggestion would've been to have more staged interactions w/the public, cuz those were doubly fun! maybe have some gatecrasher evade security and start smooching him, or more scenes of normal UK women going nutz for him in public (staged)
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Platinum Hit (2011– )
more fun to watch than idol!
23 July 2011
i friggin love this show. followed the music industry 30+ yrs and find this look at the songwriting process fascinating. don't know why it is doing poorly in the ratings and review wise. it's got drama, talent, cleverness and more. i hate that there will be no season 2 (won't be, rt?) as my headline says, i find this more fun to watch that idol. the only black mark is that the producers appear to be in on who to send home. why they do this is obvious, but it does bring the integrity somewhat into question. but this show is great and will be missed when it's over. that's 2 strikes for kara on TV. wonder where she'll go next.
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pretty durn dated, morals wise & o/w
8 October 2010
even taking into account the context of its time, this is incredibly dated, morals-wise. also, it strains credibility that the female protagonist (amy) would stay initially, stay later, stay longer, proclaim her love for (the wrong guy), and then leave w/o getting together w/who she wanted all along. just seems really dopily contrived. "she DIDN'T know what she wanted" would be a more apt title. also, the whole plot revolving about her pregnancy just comes from out of nowhere and dominates the proceedings as if it was 1750 in puritan new england. i really wanted to like this film; i'd heard it was good - - but it's really pretty hard to take. as for tony; he's similarly unbelievable, a 1-dimensional character, until he explodes, and then he becomes 2-dimensional (still 1 short). OK i'm done
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