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Drei für Robin Hood (2003 Video)
I love Bernd!
3 June 2004
This movie is so great! Everybody who likes Muppet show or Monty Python or Mel Brooks or depressed breads should read it! Chilli the sheep, Briegel the bush and poor old bread Bernd belong to Robin's companions. When (the quite arrogant)Robin is caught by the evil Sheriff (a great Hugo Egon Balder), they try to rescue him. Everybody who knows Bernd, knows, that it is going to be funny - including the bread wearing a funny dress: this time he has to dress up like Lady Marian... Everybody, who knows Monty Python's lumberjack-song will be freakin out, when a lumberjack comes around singing it. Fans of swordfights will love it, when Chilli fights against the Sheriff. And everybody who likes to know, which of Briegels's inventions does not work this time SHOULD GO AND WATCH THE MOVIE!
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