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Better than I could have hoped for
1 November 2004
The thought of watching a Barbie video didn't thrill me but I knew my daughter would be interested so I bought this. To my surprise, it was wonderful! The music is extremely well done, both lyrically and melodically. The lyrics are very clever and poignant. It's also performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Unlike most Disney movies and other children's shows, there is no violence at all. There's also no bad language. That alone is very refreshing.

Martin Short does the voice of Preminger and he's simply fantastic. He also gets to showcase his wonderful singing voice and unique voice talents.

It's hard to imagine anyone not liking this movie.
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Fridays (1980–1982)
It had music
3 January 2004
I loved Fridays. That's why I had to comment on what I read about it here. Despite what the plot outline says, it had musical performances every week. I remember seeing The Cars perform one time and at the end of the show, Michael Richards stood next to Ric Ocasek (dressed just like him) and he looked like his twin!

It was also John Roarke that did the perfect Reagan impersonation. In fact, Roarke's impersonations in general were just awesome.

I'd really like to see all the episodes go to DVD. Michael Richard's performances alone merit that. Add to that Blankfield's Pharmacist, Chartoff's news and really all of the performer's characters and you have a very enjoyable show.
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