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Phantom Punch (2008)
Not too shabby
1 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I kinda enjoyed this film. I didn't know anything about Sonny Listen so after watching this film, it shinned a little light on him for me. I know the Clay/Ali fight was a major event in his life but the film played it as just another fight. I would of liked to see the build up to that fight, and the aftermath. The movie never mentioned how Clay was harassing him and how he felt about it. Nothing about him shooting blanks at Clay in a Casino. I also didn't understand why he would cheat against Clay when there was no history of cheating before that fight. The film was titled Phantom Punch but he doesn't admit to taking a dive. (Hummm) I did enjoy Stacy Dash in her role. I loved the period piece. Costumes etc.. I liked the possible motive for his death. I enjoyed it but I think I just wanted more on the rise and fall of SL.
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The Hit (I) (2007)
The Hit -- Missed!
1 August 2011
This story was suppose to be the sequel to "Straight Out Of Compton" a film also directed by Ryan Combs, but it was missing everything that made the first one so good. Humor! Yes it was an cast upgrade (Blair Underwood, James Russo, Al B Sure ) but the term "polishing a turd" comes to mind. To many silly story lines. I think they were suppose to be plot twist. The element of playing music thru every scene was as corny in this one as it was in the first one. (Both movies had good music though, but in almost every scene? Smh) The script was bad. "How did Drake get in the closet and get away without being seen?" I know it's a B movie but I didn't believe it for a second. I remember Robert Townsend in Hollywood Shuffle give Dirty Larry the finger. I think that's what I'll give this one.
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