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A movie about a larger-than-life band that fails to reach their mythic stature but ends up being an entertaining ride nonetheless
5 November 2018
For a man of the intensity of Freddie Mercury, this movie seemed too mellow in its delivery.

The music alone is worth the entry price and the performance by Malek is the best he could have done in this situation. The movie is entertaining and will cause you goosebumps here and there specially during the performances. But the handling of the story and the characters and their relationships seems lacking in its authenticity and ends up feeling like a disjointed collage of happenings during the band's history and Mercury's personal issues. There's not an in-depth and gritty exploration of the evolution and the roller-coaster intensity of a passionate soul as that of Mercury and even less of the other band members, there are only hints of it. There's a lack of cohesiveness both in storytelling as well as in emotional grip which ultimately subtracts from the epic dimension that the story of such a mythic band deserved.

Overall I feel a bit disappointed about the end result but the movie is no doubt entertaining from start to finish and will delight you with the music score, it is Queen afterall.
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Journalist (2015)
Engaging story
23 March 2017
An unsuccessful journalist follows a lead to a murder. Soon after, he finds himself struggling to control the storm he unleashed with his story until fiction and reality intermingle beyond what the viewer would have first imagined.

Well made movie with very good acting and that keeps you engaged until the end. It still somehow felt weaker than other similar Korean films like Memories of Murder or The Chaser though.

The message behind the story is about how fiction and reality come together thanks to a web of lies that start from selfish grounds but that ultimately serve a purpose for many of the people involved. It tells how people care little about the truth or will simply ignore it when this one doesn't serve them or because lies and deceit can be the vehicle for survival in a world where it's often difficult to realize what's really going on.

There's an important message there that somehow leaves you a bit pessimistic but with an optimist twist in the end when you realize that this web of lies can also work to spread happiness and, in a way, for many people, that's the only truth that really matters in the end.
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Denial (II) (2016)
There was a good movie somewhere in there waiting to happen, but it didn't
20 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Instead we got a merely OK effort. The movie is not actually bad, it has interesting moments and a clever inter-textual message that relates to current events but sadly I can't ignore that it leaves the message it tries to transmit feeling empty, defeated and overused.

The movie talks about a dispute between historians and it's based on true events. One historian, a Jew, writes a book about Holocaust denialists and calls the second historian antisemitic and racist because he denies the Holocaust happened. The second historian sues the first and the movie is mainly about the trial, both the preparation for it and the execution.

Now the movie cleverly tries to illustrate an issue that is very fresh in the collective minds of the public currently and that is fake news, populism, etc etc. The second historian, the populist, is portrayed as the loud person who loves to engage others in debate and listen to himself talking. He is immune to facts, data, reason, anything that goes against his discourse. The first historian, or at least her defending team of lawyers, champion calmness, methodical and surgical engaging, silence and reason over loudness and emotion.

The thing is that, even if reason can prevail on a trial, reality shows that the populist will most likely win just because he can't lose at all and, in the end of the movie, something like that is hinted at but it is never developed as a plot point, instead it's rapidly dismissed. And I think that exploring this aspect would have been very interesting at least because that's one of the main concerns about what to do with populism nowadays.

Another issue I have with the whole point the movie is trying to convey is that the main attack against the populist is that his racism and antisemitism makes him an unreliable and dishonest historian. But the irony of it all is that the first historian is portrayed as a Jew that is highly emotionally involved on her work to the point that she can't think rationally most of the time when trying to discuss the issues at hand. In other words the main argument against the populist is also the main argument against the supposed rational side. This is defeating for the movie because the argument in the end is unconvincing and weak. If the movie was trying to make an argument in favor of the truth I feel that it weakened it instead. Granted it also can be seen as a very realistic situation that happens all the time, in the end we are all humans and emotional judgments are what we do best so maybe the movie was trying to show us the flawed nature of what we understand as truth and reason?? I'm not sure but it didn't seem so at least.

Finally another issue I have unrelated particularly to this actual movie is the excessive focus on cinema towards the Holocaust, 2nd WW, Hitler, etc. Granted it was a very traumatizing time and any sensible person agrees that the Holocaust shouldn't have happened and that it was a shameful moment in human history. But I can't help but feel that the continuous outrage of Hollywood towards this tragedy is dishonest at best. When will Hollywood make a movie about the suffering of the Palestinians under the oppression of Israel which is a current tragedy and a highly ironic one given that the Israelis are also in denial of how their government is doing atrocious things. This makes me think that Hollywood gets a phony sense of selective outrage at some tragedies, mainly those that pay their salaries.
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A poem
20 February 2017
Short films are to cinema what poems are to literature, it's the art of communicating something heavier than life itself in a few verses or images. Even with his early work Goddard already seemed to understand this. Every movement, shot, facial expression, word in this film combine with eloquence through the musical score to transmit to us with enviable precision something that is fundamentally inexpressible. This is cinema as art in its purest form.
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Italia 90 (2014)
The Catalyst
15 June 2014
I find it sometimes difficult to explain to people who don't like football or never played it when they were kids the joy that 22 grown men kicking a ball can produce for fans of the sport. The World Cup is maybe the only instance of a tournament where I've seen people who never cared about football or played it bursting with tears of joy or sorrow due to the final score a match.

There are cultural rituals that define communities of people, be it using symbols or using more authentic elements like the emotion that particular ritual produces. For historical reasons football is possibly the most popular, beloved and hated sport in the world. No matter what you think about football its most fundamental aspect is the emotional trigger it has on people. That emotional connection can have an incredible inspiring power for the community and can serve as a bond.

Sadly we see in 2014 with the current World Cup in Brazil that corporate powers like FIFA try to take advantage of the power that this beautiful sport has over people and abuse it, but somehow the essential, uncorrupted inspiring force that is football survives and prevails over the more mundane profit machinery.

For a small country like Costa Rica football is one of those inspiring cultural essentials. The title of small country permeates everything and everyone here which makes it a psychological and spiritual burden. If you are treated like the underdog all your life then you see yourself as the underdog and nothing more and you accept it without to much questioning. This is where the inspiring power of football becomes a important catalyst for change, transformation and growth. For many what the Costa Rican football team that played in Italy's 1990 World Cup did was not such a big deal but for the country in general it was a transforming psychological power. It helped create a new perspective where what was once impossible was now possible, where confidence grew and possibilities seemed endless.

This small low budgeted film is a tribute to that, to a small group of hard working and humble men that managed to inspire a country and an entire generation. I don't expect a non Costa Rican to fully grasp the significance of what happened in Italy, the film certainly feels made by Costa Ricans for Costa Ricans and maybe that's how it should be.
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Port Father (2013)
Could have been better
12 April 2014
The story in Puerto Padre certainly had potential. It narrates the story of a kid moving from the Island where he lived his whole life to a nearby fishing and cruise port in Costa Rica after his mother dies. He goes there looking for his godfather, a job and a new life. Things get complicated when he learns that his godfather is dead and instead he has to live with his godfather's brother who is a harsh and authoritative man.

The setting is certainly apt for a good drama and that's achieved partially. The movie has interesting characters that could have become more memorable with better development, storytelling and acting. The cinematography is certainly one of the high points with beautiful shots but that isn't enough to tell a good story. Some important scenes felt rushed and lacking dramatic effect.

Like with many other costarican productions Puerto Padre seems like a good effort which fell short. The film industry is just starting to flourish in this small tropical country so it needs time. The ideas and talent are there but the refinement takes time and experience.
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Sweet Japanese weirdness
3 September 2013
Yuka is a normal happy schoolgirl who happens to have psychic powers. When another girl possessed by an interdimensional being arrives at school and tries to impose a military style discipline, Yuka finds herself in the moral obligation to defend humanity against the oppressive desires of the interdimensional being who happens to be the universe itself! (He also comes from Venus).

The film is funny, weird and cute at the same time. Maybe it lacked some character development and coherence specially through the second half but maybe it was just the bad translation which made it a bit senseless from time to time. Still a cute movie which will please fans of school-themed animes and weird Japanese stories.
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Marimbas from Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 August 2012
This interesting half documentary, half fictional film brings together three colorful characters out of the streets of Guatemala: a ruined marimba player (Don Alfonso), a religious metal singer in his 50s (Blacko) and a glue-sniffing junkie (Chiquilin). Together they try to start a project to bring together metal music and a marimba (a traditional Guatemalan instrument) for they need money to subsist.

The fact that the characters are played by real life people who are retelling their personal story makes it a much more authentic experience and you end up caring about what happens to them.

There are a couple of very memorable scenes on the film mainly when they start to rehearse for their first presentation which is specially hilarious and the last scene which I found gives the movie the last stroke of authenticity.

Many people will probably find the film boring at times, unfocused and maybe the ending kind of abrupt. But if and when you watch it remember that this is how life is, life is not a Hollywood movie or a script meant to follow some pre-established sequence of situations that we know works to entertain. The authenticity of the movie resides in its capacity to portray life situations without unnecessary make up, with a honest look at how people try to live their lives, accomplish their goals and how the outcomes are as unexpected as they are expected. Life is kind of a game where if you take the initiative it could end up rewarding you, or taking away something from you or maybe with no particular reward or loss.

When watching the movie try to think about your life, about the life of people you know and care about and you'll find yourself there with Don Alfonso, Blacko and Chiquilin. Just that everyday fight we all wake up to every morning, maybe today we'll make it, who knows? Or maybe not, so just grab a beer and listen to some metal. Tomorrow is just another day.
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A beautiful ghost story...
9 June 2008
Sometimes stories manage to surprise you in a good way, I was not expecting much from this Thai movie but I'm glad I saw it in the end.

A traditional Thai band struggles to keep the magic of their music alive with the help of a spirit inhabiting a mysterious drum. The drum's spirit makes sure the band members keep their vows towards their group and that the tradition coming back from generations would be preserved. It is up to one young man, who manages to create a special bond with the spirit, to honor all those who give their lives for the music.

It is a simple story full of color and traces of beautiful music. You really start caring for the characters while they make efforts to keep themselves faithful to the band and, at the same time, wishing for better days. It is also a story of love and loyalty with transitions of violent and bloody scenes which, strangely enough, feel natural to the melodic pace of the movie.

The movie is not perfect and has several flaws and weaknesses but it is, in the end, a really nice, original and enjoyable film.
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El Huésped (2003)
A Hollywoodesque horror from Chile
5 June 2008
A half human, half animal creature, product of failed genetic experiments, breaks loose on a hospital where a group of med students are spending the night.

I saw a very dark and grainy copy of this film and I think it made it more effective. The premise of the story was cool, there were some dark and creepy parts but the overall execution is very weak. It seems the main problem was the script since the story was told in a kind of messy, rushed and uninteresting way. The acting was OK and the film had some nice gory stuff although nothing extraordinary or over-the-top.

The film looked like they wanted to follow a typical Hollywood formula but failed (don't feel bad though, since Hollywood fails more than often). I think Latin American countries should focus on more original and folkloric stories to creep us out.

Overall, it was a nice effort for an apparently minimal budget but the potential it had was, mostly, wasted.
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Comatose (2005)
Low budget garbage
20 May 2008
A bunch of friends gather for a party at a guy's house. Something goes very wrong when a girl appears to die while having sex and then the rest of the party goers start dropping like flies.

That's about it... and no, it isn't interesting or creepy or suspenseful or anything else really.

After the first 5 minutes of watching this I thought to myself "Oh no, not another low budget crap". Well, I'm afraid I was right, it was a low budget crap with a couple of funny dialogs.

This is not so bad is good! trust me! this is just bad.

Going into a coma would be better and more fun!
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Not really that bad...
14 May 2008
La Maldición del Monasterio, as the original title goes, tells the story about a haunted monastery on a secluded Mexican town surrounded by gorgeous woods and mountains. The few town citizens become increasingly fearful of the strange things happening surrounding the monastery. Meanwhile, a young American girl and a Mexican psychology student arrive to the town to look for answers on their pasts which are strangely connected to the bizarre place.

The movie is pretty flawed, no doubt about that, but it manages to create a suspenseful and creepy atmosphere specially on the dream sequences of the American girl (with a great use of color) and the foggy nights on the old and ruined mysterious town.

A surprising and funny performance by Russ Tamblyn of West Side Story (1961) and Twin Peaks fame.
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Pretty weird comedy horror
20 April 2008
This is a very low budget movie, about thirty minutes long. The story is about a dysfunctional crazy Jewish family who ends up stranded on a secluded cabin in the woods when they went out looking for a car the eldest son lost (yes that's how stupid he is). During the trip they come upon a crazy old lady lying on the road and they decide to take her with them.

Strange and funny things happen in the cabin that range from product commercials within the movie to a hilarious dream sequence that involves zombies and the old witch cooking the family's little insolent girl (who is doing her first communion even though she is Jewish) to a polka tune in a big pot, all with cooking instructions included.

It is a parody of the 50's sitcom Father Knows Best.
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pretty bad...
11 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A girl is kidnapped by a mime and appears chained in a sewer full of demons who are making a sacrificial ritual... and that's about it. I guess the name is a reference to Dante's ninth circle but I don't see any similarities or further references except for the name.

If the objective of this was to be scary it failed miserably. All the creatures looked like children's Halloween costumes and there's absolutely no effective tension build-up for the final scenes. This is simply one the worst shorts I've ever seen. I gave it a 2 just because of some nice cinematography but still it somehow feels like too high for this.
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Feed (2005)
Don't feed anyone this garbage
23 March 2008
When I finished watching this movie I couldn't decide what I thought about it. Two minutes later it came to me, this is garbage.

I like when a movie shocks you and this movie had its few shocking/disgusting scenes but it shocks you the wrong way. This was an opportunity to make a disturbing, stylized film about a subject that many people find repulsively interesting. I had a feeling the director wanted to make a Se7en type of film but where Se7en delivered the goods nicely and appropriately Feed failed miserably in all accounts.

The director tried to use the controversy around the issue of a pretty unusual fetish to make an intelligent account of the sickening acts of a man obsessed with fat women. What ended up being is a tasteless movie, with a poorly told story, stupid and shallow characters and situations and a totally inappropriate soundtrack selection.

A couple of scenes were well done and some of the ideas around the core issue had potential, that's why I gave it a 3, but overall the movie is quite a forgettable experience.

Go feed on something else...
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REC (2007)
Shockingly amazing
23 March 2008
This movie lacks a well structured story but it doesn't need it. This movie lacks dialogs but it doesn't need them. This movie lacks budget but it didn't need it!!

It is great to see what talented people with little money and real love for the art can do. Jaume Balagueró had already pleasantly surprised me with his movie Darkness which is one of the few horror movies that actually scare me. Now he did it again and this time he did it better! We have seen other efforts experimenting with these kind of concept. Probably one of the most famous ones (although certainly not the first) was The Blair Witch Project which I enjoyed. The most recent one was Cloverfield which was basically the same concept with a relatively huge budget.

Rec is a better movie than Cloverfield, even if Cloverfield had all the budget in the world it lacked the talent behind the camera to make it a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience. A thing which Rec achieves beautifully.

Prepare to be scared!
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High Tension (2003)
OK for horror movie fans...
23 March 2008
I usually like spending time watching a good horror movie. For some people good means deep, for others it means laughs, for other means blood, for others popcorn entertainment like good sfx, or a mixture of some of that. I think it is important to see the movie from the perspective the director/producer/writer intended. It is easier with some movies and more difficult with others but overall that's what I try to do whenever I watch a movie. I guess the only time I don't respect the efforts of the people involved is when it is more than obvious that the movie was done with the sole purpose of making money.

For what I've read in some interviews, I think Alexandre Aja is a big horror fan and he wants to make good horror movies. So he does this for the love of it and I can respect that.

Haute Tension is a good horror film in that it goes straight to the point: brutality. It doesn't spend much time developing characters or presenting us the world where the events take place. It strikes hard, almost without warning and that's sometimes good in the horror movie realm. It reminded me of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre where you are obliged to hold on to your chair during the 70+ minutes where the characters spend running uselessly for their lives. TCM is a better film than Haute Tension in that sense but HT has its merits.

The film falls short on what it intended IMO. The way it tells the story leaves you wanting more and a bit disappointed and unable to blow up my mind like I felt it wanted to do. Still it is entertaining but nothing spectacular.

I guess what Aja tried to do was show us something brutal and, in that, he succeeded. This is not a great movie, it won't appeal to everybody. It is an OK movie made by a horror fan for horror fans and that's it. So you've been warned.
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Pretty flawed interesting movie...
23 March 2008
When I got my hands on this movie I wasn't expecting much after reading some of the reviews but I was pleasantly surprised by it in the end.

The movie tells the events leading to the massacre of a bunch of people on a coffee shop by a madman named Harry. The movie depicts Harry's struggles to discern what's real and what's a product of his own deranged mind. That provides the basis for the eerie atmosphere surrounding the story and all the surreal experiences that happen to Harry kind of engage you in an interestingly bizarre manner.

The movie is very flawed with, overall, weak performances, although Raymond Elmendorf is convincing enough as Harry and you kind of end up feeling sympathy towards him for his condition. The music is awful and IMO one of the biggest low points of the film. The story is somehow confusing since you can't tell what's really happening and what's Harry's imagination but I think that's what the movie intended.

The events are probably based on a real life event in 1984 when a madman named James Oliver Huberty ended up murdering more than 20 people in a McDonalds in San Diego.
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The wisdom of childhood
5 August 2007
I didn't know anything about this film before watching it today. It is refreshingly surprising to find such a good movie.

The film is visually fantastic, the scenery and colors are the narrator telling the story while the characters play necessary but secondary roles.

Personally, I didn't like the ending very much but it is easily forgiven after all the beauty exhibited.

The film takes you into a hole, into the dream world of a ten 10 year old surrounded by nothingness, where ugliness and depravity doesn't exist. The boy's mind turns a tragedy into a hopeful play of friendship, where the naivety of a child's essential wisdom shows us the way amidst a sick and lost world.

This film reminds us of how dangerous it is to grow up and forget.
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The Pool (2001)
24 October 2005
This movie was awful. You can spot a non-horror fan directing a horror movie like this miles away.

Half the actors were bad and the other half were bad and annoying. Between the first rules of a good horror movie is that annoying characters shouldn't live!!! they should have horrible, painful deaths!! Not only the most annoying character of this crap survives but she becomes the hero! I wanted to shot myself after watching this. One of the deaths was worth it, the slide one, but I was hoping that chick would survive since she was the only hot one.

This movie sucks in every way possible.

A question to the producers: Do you make this crap only for the money? or do you actually think this is good? because if you do think this is good, you should change jobs ASAP!!!!
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Ninja Resurrection (1997– )
very bad. Don't mistake this with Ninja Scroll
12 March 2004
This is one of the worst animes I've ever seen. It is difficult for me to give an anime a low rating because I like the genre very much but this movie deserves a 2/10 at most. Unlike Ninja Scroll, this movie lacks character development, original and interesting story and good animation. Not even the gory fights make this worthwhile. My advice is to stay away from this one and email the people responsible for this to show how much you hate them for making something so awful and pointless. The only good thing about it is that it is short which makes the torture kind of bearable.
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Funny Games (1997)
stop and question after watching this movie. Don't discard or idolize it for wrong reasons.
7 March 2004
The first thought that came into my mind after watching this movie was: "Am I a normal person? Do a normal, sane individual sits through this entire movie or will he/she just push stop or leave the theater?". After giving it some thought I really didn't know the answer. So I asked myself: "Did I like this movie or did I dislike this movie?" and I found out that I didn't know how to answer that either. I know that I felt bad after watching it and that was the movie's purpose so: should I hate a movie or a director because he/she/it told me an unpleasant story? or should I try to understand the real meaning of this and how it has affected me using what I learn on my benefit?

Let's see, for someone that enjoys violence in movies and, I honestly and shamefully admit, sometimes in real life too, this movie kicked my face. People can complain that the objective of this can be achieved with simply showing something to feed the curiosity and sadistic part of people (like animal torturing and more in-your-face videos like mentioned in other post) which lack complete professionalism and merits other than spoiled minds wanting some over-stimulation. Well, I think very differently.

I've seen many horrible and violent things that made me feel sick and really bad afterwards but I had never felt a sense of guilt combined with sickness as strong as I felt watching this. Why do I like this movie then? Because the director, actors and the ones involved into this production tried to give me, and everyone that dare to watch this until the end, a lesson, and they did it nicely and without restraints or apologies, like we all deserve it(and with outstanding performances which give you no choice but to take this seriously).

Hollywood and the omnipotent, know-it-all media (mainly) have been playing some 'funny games' with all of us, tampering with our sense of reality and never having the decency to remind us that we don't live on a fairytale and that reality is harsh and ugly sometimes.

I can choose to forget about this movie and mark it as simply another case of a sensationalist wacko trying to impress me, but I won't do that, mainly because of the strong influence television excerpts on today's society. I will, instead, keep remembering it and, hopefully, when I do that, I'll keep feeling bad and sick as the first time I saw it; as a reminder of what the media's excessive propagandistic influence is doing to our perception of things.

I will keep enjoying violence on movies that is true but this movie will always keep yelling at me: "You know whos fault this is!? you can push stop whenever you like but you won't be able to rewind it." And I thank it for that, I'll be more careful from now on.
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My Little Eye (2002)
entertaining film
16 February 2004
I don't know why this movie keeps getting so many bad reviews. When I saw this movie, I wasn't expecting a masterpiece. I kept my expectations low and sat down to enjoy the movie alone, making sure nobody will bother me. And, at last, ... what a pleasant surprise this movie turned out to be!

I notice some people say that it is a boring movie; well, maybe these people need to watch a person getting killed every second for they to enjoy a horror movie. If you are one of these then avoid this movie but if you like psychological horror, the one that is more effective if done the right way, then you should watch this.

The first thing that caught my attention was the way it is directed. Evans used the Big Brother-style camera to create the creepy mood of the film and to keep the audience intrigued on who was behind the "game". This created a obscure and mysterious atmosphere throughout most part of the movie. Sometimes an exception on Hollywood's directing style is refreshing.

The sounds and soundtrack were the highest points of the film, it helped a lot to create the effective suspense-filled atmosphere and its mysteriousness. Watch this movie in a quite place with a good sound system to really enjoy the experience.

The acting was ok, with some low peaks, but overall it was good.

The plot started to decay on the second half of the film but it kept me interested enough to keep watching. I was expecting a dramatic twist in the end but that didn't happen. A some kind obvious conclusion was the one delivered, but it was still a good one to a very pleasant watch.

My Little Eye is nothing extraordinary. It never pretended to become the kind of movie everyone should enjoy. It didn't waste time deviating from the movie's main plot or trying to explain everything. It never became a movie about a single character which is so annoying sometimes in this kind of movies. It just pretended to tell a story that will luckily entertain you, and it did exactly that,... at least for me it did.

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A waste of time
16 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
According to IMDB's main genre qualification of this movie, this movie is a: Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi flick For me, the stupid genre is the one that describes this movie more accurately.

Let's discuss the IMDB's qualification:


ACTION: Well, the movie is more action than anything else I give it that. You'll see a bunch of big CG spiders doing stupid noises, jumping around and killing people throughout the movie. The final sequence shows a Humans vs Spiders scenario in which you know who will win and lasts way more than it should. Pretty typical for this kind of movies and doesn't delivers anything knew for that matter.

COMEDY: It's easy to do a story when its main story is something stupid. I don't know why people think of this movie as funny since there are so many better "comedy-horror" movies out there. Nothing here was new, nothing here was funny, it was more of a pathetic failed effort to do a comedy. The movie was supposed to be stupid and funny, but stupid is as far as it gets.

HORROR: Unless you have a very serious case of arachnophobia and you are truly disturbed by big, more-than-obvious CG spiders that make stupid noises, then, the only thing that will truly horrify you, is how bad this movie is.

SCI-FI: When the need comes for a writer to do a stupid movie with giant spiders, then the story becomes something that can be completely ignored and on which the smallest the effort made for an original, interesting story, the happier everyone is. Who cares how the spiders got there!?? People want giant spiders, people want stupidity and that's it! No much thought required here.

**Spoilers End**

Watch this movie only if you are completely bored and with nothing to do (like I was at the moment I saw it). Prepare to disconnect your brain and enjoy it for what it is: a stupidity. You'll probably feel bad for the time wasted but you asked for it, so don't complain.

I give it 3/10 and that's because I'm feeling generous.
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Good, but not that good
11 February 2004
I watched this movie not knowing what to expect about it. I had heard a lot of reviews of how good it was and I really enjoyed Trainspotting, so I guess I had my expectations a little high but I also wasn't too attracted by it at the same time. Overall the movie is good. It has good acting and an interesting story but I really don't consider this to be a masterpiece or even to be a disturbing movie at all (maybe I'm just too jaded already). The most outstanding features about the movie was that it was made with such a low budget, the story was very nicely told and it's nice to see the characters as human beings rather than unbelievable one dimensional characters which Hollywood is so used to produce. This is a movie that will certainly entertain you if you know what to expect, and I tell you, don't expect too much gore or even to get very scared or disturbed (well at least that didn't happen to me), because I think the main goal of the movie is to tell a story and not just to shock and impress, and I give it credit for that.
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