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Not a gay movie
24 February 2013
Ref the previous reviewer - you really have missed the point. I guess you thought this was going to be a gay porn film just because it has a gay storyline . The whole point of this movie is that its a romantic comedy and some of the characters just happen to be gay. I do agree tho that the production values are incredible, comparable to Bridget Jones or Love Actually. This is a Brit comedy, beautifully shot, has an amazing soundtrack and acted with believable feeling and emotion. A Blockbuster family movie, not a side street bookstore flick.

This film was shot over a period of 3 weeks and in some of the most beautiful locations in north Devon, England. The main character, Danny ( Chris Finch, character actor from Coronation Street and Holyoaks) has to find a partner to be able to claim his inheritance. He turns to the internet for a quick solution. After a series of interviews and hook-ups with an assortment of men, he narrows the possible lucky man down to three. The wedding is booked, all 3 possible "husbands" arrive .... but who will the lucky man be?

Add to this that his previous wife is also in the running .........

A great British farce ensues .....
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