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The Good Place: Janet(s) (2018)
Season 3, Episode 9
D'arcy Carden Makes Us All Smile
24 January 2019
I have never left a review for a specific episode but this is just my favorite TV episode of the past few years.d'A

D'arcy Carden plays six characters and DANG IT SHE IS GOOOD. She is really good. After the scene where she vomits paper-clips last season, this whole episode is my second favorite Janet moment. The amazingly talented actress really gets to shine and it's not even a true bottle episode: there are some serious advances in the plot as watchers of the show might expect. Using D'arcy Carden in an episode that is essential to the main plot journey was an amazing decision. Props to the writers for letting her showcase her talents. Playing 6 characters could NOT have been easy and they are all distinguishable too. I just want to reiterate D'ARCY CARDEN IS AMAZING and I think everyone should watch this episode. It could cure depression (well maybe not, but it's pretty damn close to being such a miracle).

I wish she had gotten a nomination. Any proper nomination. DANG YOU EMMY'S.
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Making It (2018– )
Warms your heart
16 January 2019
The judges were annoying at times (stop talking about Etsy ugh) BUT the vibe is so warm and fun and nice that I really loved it.Plus 2 wonderfully kind and funny people host it so what's not to love. Some/most crafters were quite talented in Season 1 too, so I'm actually excited for season 2.
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The Kominsky Method (2018– )
Very Human
17 November 2018
I finished season 1 in a single day. There were a couple of times where the characters bordered being too d*ck-ish to keep following but at the end of the day, all the characters end up talking about and dealing with their issues and show mutual respect. It's a difficult line to walk when you want to have flawed characters but end on a positive note. I think this show does it with funny dialogue and good acting.
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Interesting Content Cringeworthy Delivery
11 November 2018
Ugh. The information in the show is mostly interesting but his "comedic style", the unfunny and sometimes ableist or sexist jokes, the immature delivery of them... These are just not appropriate for this topic. The "comedy" is bad. Real bad. I will look into the books he mentions in the show and read them instead of watching the second half of this. I suggest the same for everyone.
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Great-ish. definitely good.
10 March 2018
The acting, the visuals/cinematography, the style, the comedy. It's there. BUT I think around the middle they took the script to somewhere where it did not need to go. Conflict could have been created some other way. The plot twist kind of thing thing that happened at the birthday did not suit the innocent tone of the film. The main character felt too much of a villain to root for in the second half until the end. And it was not necessary in my opinion. We're already tired of the Hollywood movies that do this. To be fair this movie is mostly positive and a joy to watch as well. It also recovered somehow through the end. Sort of. It if was executed slightly better maybe it would have. I'm glad I watched it but sometimes it felt like the envisioned visual did not exactly come through - which is okay because it is really difficult, and more importantly it got shaky in the middle for sure.
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Flaked (2016– )
Too unlikeable
9 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Surpririsingly this is a pretty good show. But my review will mainly focus on the negatives.

The acting is decent, and the directing the visuals are decent. But at some point the main character becomes too flawed to relate to or emphasize with. And he's not exactly a character that you can hate to watch and have fun.

I like that the show tries to have a realistic and meaningful side, but the main character feels more of an old friend who never learns so even the least assertive person gets too annoyed to spend his time on him. It's not like a crash about to happen that you can't take your eyes off, or like fun gossip about a small but harmless mistake.

I was pleasantly surprised that I liked Arnett's acting but day after day his character makes poor choices that just seem inconsistent with some of his other behavior, not in a way that makes him a multidimensional character but in a way that makes it feel like they write these poor choices just for the sake of them. I believe this makes the show too annoying to want to follow. Furthermore, the storyline becomes too cloudy and tangled.

I believe there is an unwillingness to add new characters as well. Too many coincidences, too many betrayals, too small a circle. I don't necessarily think the show needs more characters. I just wish that things were not as messed up. I believe there was potential to have an entertaining storyline without having so many very very big mess ups. It just does not pair well with the realistic dramedy vibe of it.

I'm glad it's not just a comedy/ exaggerated show. This format suits an AA story quite well. Yet somehow, it is difficult to watch at times


like cheating on girlfriends, betraying the town, betraying and lying to best friend so many times.
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6 Month Rule (2011)
19 December 2016
First of all, are we just going to avoid the fact that he's an alcoholic? Why is it never addressed?Also the movie had nothing worth documenting. Yeah every story is important and worth documenting but it was just unoriginal and a little pointless. It was about regular people making decision-including some bad ones- about their personal lives while trying to cope with life. I don't see why it's worth a movie. The characters have less dimension and are maybe a little more exaggerated than real people but that's about it. Washed up guy loves a girl tries to get that girl and comes across obstacles along the way. Not not worth watching but doesn't add much either. It deals with such a universal topic yet somehow isn't relatable which confuses me immensely. I enjoyed the end because it was not a cliché yet it was realistic but something just didn't fell right about the movie. If this is someone's life story it makes perfect sense, sure. But why make it a feature film? What does it have to say? Love and commitment is worth it even though it may hurt? Man don't you know we already know this stuff. We have to suffer through a boring ass sad film, at least have an original clear message. Or tell an old message in a way that moves people. Do you see me getting up running to the person I love? Now I know you can't see so let me tell you I am eating cereal in my sofa right now not running to anyone. Subpar movie. Better luck next time.
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Operator (II) (2016)
Just so effing sad
6 December 2016
So here's the deal. The movie was filmed beautifully. The characters portrayed each other well. But the movie was just so sad. And the kind of sad that is not necessary. I feel what I was watching "The Lobster" and the highlight of that movie was a dog who used to be a human getting killed. Geese I liked the contrast of the comedy being actually sad but give us a break dammit how dark must a person's soul be to write this. It just leaves you feeling like everything is going to sh*t and maybe that's the point but man it says COMEDY under genre. It was just way too much for me. I watched it and I enjoyed it and I understood it but I kind of wish I haven't because it was so depressing, even though it's perfectly fine and unique artistically. I just don't know what to think of this movie anymore. It depicted mental health problems, it depicted being human and making selfish mistakes, but it also depicted unrealistic moments at times. We come to the movies to relate or to escape. I believe this made us relate to the wrong side of us. There was a 10 second somewhat happy ending that I won't spoil but the whole thing makes me question who did this movie do good for besides the people involved in the creating process.

And a caveat: I wish we didn't always see mental disorders on such opposite ends of the spectrum. They either depict a very positive or a very negative picture. As you might have guessed this movie did the latter. I think we can do better. Also I believe that the character most likely has anxiety disorder though it cannot be said for certain without eliminating other illnesses. It is important to note however that the "cause" of autism is not known. There's no such thing. The mother drinking alcohol while pregnant might increase the risk but that's it. Anyway I'm gonna cry myself to sleep now and try to forget this movie.
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Interesting plot got too weird for me. Otherwise, great film.
2 May 2014
The director did an absolutely great job in my honest opinion. I don't know what they're called but I just like these types of festival films. I loved the acting, it was quite nice and sincere. However, the plot for me was a little too messed up honestly. One twist too much I think. Maybe real life is this messed up, I don't know but I personally feel like it was not a nice family film in that sense. What I really liked however was that it death with real emotion. Whether people are that open, honest or vulnerable in real life is another discussion. Overall, worth the hour and a half, good acting, good scenery, interesting premise/plot. Wouldn't say it's a must-watch but I didn't not like it. Maybe I was expecting a tad more because the trailer seemed so great, but there was just this one character, the sister, that I didn't like. I mean maybe the writer -same woman who directed it- was trying to achieve that but it seemed to me that they were trying to give the impression that all three stars were kinda messed up where I found only the sister to genuinely not be a good person whereas the others were just struggling with life like any person would. The sister and what she did seemed to evil to just simply forgive after a good night's sleep in my opinion. But definitely enjoyed watching it. Good job acting and directing. Not your usual movie. Interesting experience.
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