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Moone Boy (2012–2015)
Just Magical
30 May 2015
I cherish when a series like this comes along. This is such a magical show. I had to watch all available 3 seasons in a weekend I just could not stop. The whole cast is wonderful, I was transported back to the 80's and it was a fun ride. I still smile thinking about it. Kudos to all involved with this project as everyone in the Moone family reminded me of someone in my crazy family. Being a Mom in the 80's of a son who was Martins age I so related to Deirdre O'Kanes as Debra Moone and the struggles we make entertaining and funny just to get through it. And Chris O'Dowd and David Rawle just like peas and carrots,, feckin great show,,, and great writing Chris...thank you all ,,such a treat.
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