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The Red Badge of Courage (1974 TV Movie)
I watched this back in 1974!
18 August 2009
Richard Thomas was just right back then; portraying a guy who was scared and ashamed, but too proud to keep running, everything..he got it just right. I think Stephan Crane would appreciate this version better than the 1951 movie.

It's confusing enough being that age, then finding yourself in the middle of one of those huge battles- you couldn't pull me away from that TV way back when. It didn't need all of the high tech special effects, Henry Fleming(John boy)and his fellow soldiers brought you into the story as well as the book did. It was a great movie and should be available to high school kids, history buffs, or anybody who enjoys a good flick. But is it available to anyone? I can't find it for sell online anywhere. What a shame. The scene showing fixed bayonets charging, one sticking in a tree trunk accidentally, was artistic license no doubt, but classic! Classic I say! Where are the rerun Gods when you need them? This would be great for my school age son...I'll keep looking.
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