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Prison Break (2005–2017)
A very good TV series
5 April 2014
Prison break was for many years one of my favourite TV shows. Every episode has an extremely thrilling climax that just makes you need to watch the next episode. Season one is easily one of the best seasons of any television show I've ever watched. Unfortunately season 2 didn't live up to the very high standards that season one had set but it was very good nonetheless. Season 3 goes quite a long way down hill unfortunately with the show becoming less and less believable or convincing. Season 4 is barely watchable and I truly wish the show had ended after 3 seasons. However, every character is great, the story lines are very dramatic and despite season 4 being poor I would still highly recommend anyone watch it. I will warn you now though if you decide to start watching: prison break will take over your life, you will find yourself watching episode after episode after episode.
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Looks OK. But not a great watch
26 March 2014
So far I've seen 3 episodes. And I really am quite disappointed. For such a good idea the execution is not up to standard. The acting is dreadful (with the exception of maybe one or two) I have no connection with any of the characters. I neither like or dislike them which for 2/3 main bad guys this is not a good start. I will watch the rest of the series and hope it gets a lot better. It certainly has a lot of potential, so there should be a lot to look forward to in the series. visually, I can't complain. It looks good, I just really feel let down by the acting, However, the script is quite poor at times. Multiple stories occurring during the same time period is one element that I do really like. But there isn't enough depth or background to make me engage with the different characters. I would say at this point in the series, I would recommend anyone to watch this. However this is purely because I'm still expecting good things from the remaining episodes.
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The Other Half (II) (2006)
wow. shockingly bad
9 March 2011
with Danny Dyer and Vinnie jones in this movie i assumed it would be decent. how wrong i was! this could be THE WORST movie I've ever seen in my life. the storyline is awful, the acting is terrible and just the whole movie sucked!

to see that this is rated 5/10 has just baffles me, as a football fan myself i thought this would be a good movie to watch, it just didn't draw me in at all. to be fair danny dyers 'wife' in the film is very good looking, probably the only good part of the film. the budget must have been extremely low, i can see what the idea of the film is but the execution is just all wrong.
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Airline Disaster (2010 Video)
not great, not terrible though
21 July 2010
I feel that this movie wasn't nearly as good as it could have been, poor acting was the main reason for this. the actors just never looked like professionals and for that reason I never believed that they were in a real situation. the script to be fair was not good either, the dialogue was so cliché and you just knew exactly what everyone was going to say. the idea wasn't very original but i feel that with the special effects used this film definitely had potential to be decent. its a watch-able film at best. not something i would recommend but not a film i would beg you not to watch. if you are REALLY bored and have watched a ton of films and are wondering what to watch next then this will easily kill an hour and a half. some parts are quite good but on the whole the acting let it down.
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