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Sherlock Holmes (1954–1955)
A Pleasant Surprise Every Bit as Enjoyable as Rathbone
14 December 2005
Until I saw this I always thought Basil Rathbone was the only actor that brought the correct intensity to this role (Jeremy Brett's pompous interpretation was putrid in its faithlessness to the original), but Ronald Howard's Sherlock Holmes is superb, even if the writers tampered with the character's quirks a bit (the original Homes was never absent-minded, and Watson, for that matter, was never as observant as this series would seem to indicate). I have to agree with another reviewer that I now want a copy of every episode, so enjoyable it was to see the two I have been lucky enough to view. I say this not only as a Rathbone fan but as a devotee who has read Conan Doyle's COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES, all 56 short stories and four novels, at least a dozen times (and some stories at least twice that). Highly recommended for true fans of this dynamic duo.
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