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Emotionally exploitive? Yes, but that doesn't hurt
5 June 2013
This is a perfect movie to watch with your date/girlfriend/wife when alone. It basically retells the story of two opposites falling in love with each other. So even though this has been done to death what makes this so good? Simple - the chemistry between the two main characters is amazing and very believable. Add to that the fact that this takes place in a small town and all the characters being likable.

There are several other romantic movies released in the previous decade that had better acting and original stories (Before Sunrise, The Notebook, Amelie). But I would include this movie along with them in my Top 10 Romance Movies of the Noughties.

Once again, take my advice and watch this movie with your better half. Believe me, you would not regret it.
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The Cleveland Show (2009–2013)
Bad Television
25 May 2013
This show is basically a black version of the now overdone dysfunctional family cartoon-sitcoms. Unfortunately, there are shows that execute this content much better -such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, King of The Hill etc. The problem with the character of Cleveland Brown is that he is too big to be on Family Guy but too small of a character to have his own show.

Also, this show is going to reach a 100 episodes. So does that mean it is a good show? No, 100 episodes is no longer an accomplishment. The reason why it has gone this far is the creator of this show is Seth McFarlane. Due to his credentials from Family Guy, this has been going on for a while. If produced by someone else, the Cleveland Show would not have even reached 50 episodes. Sadly, I got a feeling Fox is not going to cancel this anytime soon.

Do not watch this garbage.
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The Great Debate (2009– )
Pop-culture references..yea? Silly entertainment....yea? On the right track
8 July 2009
This show consists of B-list celebrities having a take on various similar pop-culture references and deciding which is better. Some of them are downright silly- such as which was more 'bad-ass' movie 'RESERVOIR DOGS OR PULP FICTION', which had a more catchy dance 'YMCA OR THE MACARENA',which WAS A BETTER SHOW 'SIMPSON'S or FAMILY GUY'.

That being said I can't deny that this show is entertaining. However I do expect this show to die down later onwards. But who gives a damn? I am enjoying it right now. Oh and don't worry. This show isn't as bad as VH1's 'Flava of Love' or balding Bret Michael's 'Rock of Love'.

Hope this helps
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Koreans got Oldboy, we got Lucky Number Slevin!
28 June 2009
Well the first half of this movie reminded me of Hitchcock's 'North by Northwest' and I repeat again, only the first half. Then this film transforms into something different. Josh Hartnett stars as Slevin who is mistaken for someone else by two rival gangs. Obviously he is unable to prove who he really is and he has to find a way to get out of this mess. But just when you think you know it all the story suddenly takes another turn when a mysterious assassin (Willis) arrives. I just would like to say that Lucy Liu is so sweet in this movie.

I just would like to say the less you know about this movie the better it is.
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Uruvam (1991)
Background music and atmosphere makes it worth it
26 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Good movie

Well there aren't many tamil horror movies and the ones that are there are total crap. But this was pretty neat. Mohan and his family arrive at a supposedly cursed house. Of course they don't know this. However slowly they come to realise that the place is indeed cursed. Only one priest could save them from the dreaded curse but will he be able to save them on time? (of course he will duhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Well the first half of this movie was a little slow and somewhat cheesy but the pace picks up from the latter part. The special effects were surprisingly good....well I would say okk.....However the best part of this movie was the combination of the atmosphere and background music. Provides the base for the movie to go on..........Good job by Illayaraja.......
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No clichés, somewhat original and unexpectedly scary
13 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Let me get straight to the point.....Great movie.....Something different at last.... Madhanvan plays a man in a middle-class family who has moved into a new house. In their TV a soap-opera plays which strangely coincides with certain events in their even predict some dangerous situations.... Madhavan eventually tries to find out why this is happening and if it has got something to do with a certain event 30 years ago....

I don't want to spoil anything but this movie was surprisingly scary....I mean it will scare you more than a tamil movie you think could...

Perhaps it would have been better had there not been any songs in the movie....would have increased the pace.....but still I loved this movie...Another thing I applaud was the fact that there were no cheesy scenes in the movie like a usual 'masala' tamil movie......People call it horror but I would rank it more in mystery-suspense-thriller.....

9 out of 10...........expecting more of these to come

Ohh yea i loved it.....
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