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The X-Files: War of the Coprophages (1996)
Season 3, Episode 12
Not like the rest
27 May 2008
I am going back and watching all the seasons before the new movie comes out and I must say that in the first three seasons this episode stands out like no other. It's a throwback to old science fiction movies and the playful banter between Scully and Mulder is reminiscent of early season one. This episode was funny and a nice depart from the myth/arc episodes and the MOTW episodes. I always love the dynamic between Mulder and Scully and it's really showcased here. It's meant to be a light-hearted venture rather than the serious intense episodes of late or even some of the weaker MOTW episodes. Kick back and relax. I give it 10/10 for being a much welcomed surprise.
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