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Watching (1987–1993)
Hilarious comedy--why is this never repeated
7 December 2018
I can remember watching this when it first came out late 80's early 90's and thought it was funny

I waited for years for box set to come out and boy was it worth the wait. Much funnier than I can remember. Not only is it funny but it is consistently funny throughout the full 7 season.

It is the story of a shy birdwatcher, smothered by his mother, Malcolm and a street wise cracking, ball of dynamite Brenda and their of on off relationship throughout the years. The writing is fantastic, brilliant observational comedy by the wonderful Jim Hitchmough

Over the series the characters are well developed, lovable and realistic. there is a tremendous supporting cast, Liza Tarbuck, Patsy Byrne (nursey in Blackadder) John Bowler and the delightful Elizabeth Spriggs. There are regular characters who appear in the pub and cafe including the short sighted barman Harold and the wonderful deadpan Oswald, played with expert craft by Dave Dutton.

There are many moments of genuine laugh out loud comedy mainly from the acid tongued Brenda, with her witty one liners and put downs. There is however a genuine warmth with the characters and plenty of tugging at heart strings moments, especially in the Episode SLIPPING. It never gets overly sentimental though

Good comedy is all about the writing and the ability of the actors to deliver the lines they are given. The comedy timing of the actors is spot on, particularly Brenda and Oswald. It is one of the few comedy sitcoms that relies entirely on the characters and the situations they find themselves in. Good family fun for everyone with no swearing or smuttty jokes, they are not needed

In seasons 5-7 Brendas mother is introduced and if I thought Brenda was hilarious, her mother takes it to a whole new level. Scatterbrained does not even come close

It is also good to look back maybe with embarrassment at some of the fashions of the time, which is maybe the only thing that dates the programme

This was ITV longest running sitcom, so why it is never repeated is beyond me, and in UK we are lumbered with constant repeats of the same old same old sitcoms again and again

Do yourself a favour, buy this on DVD you will not be disappointed.
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