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Miami Vice: The Great McCarthy (1984)
Season 1, Episode 8
Abysmal Episode of a Great Show
28 June 2010
I don't really understand the positive reviews of this episode. Miami Vice is a great show and, taken as a period piece, holds up quite well almost thirty years later. However, this episode is hands-down one of the worst episodes made, and one of the worst big-budget show episodes I've ever seen. The script is terrible, the acting is wooden, the directing inept and lifeless, the audio is mumbled and echoing in many spots, and the director fills in the extremely thin and predictable story with endless shots of the tacky band, the tackier bed and the silly, go-nowhere boat "race." The tacked-on chase scene by Gina and Trudy is straight out of an episode of "I Love Lucy," if not pure Stooges. The only good thing was that we laughed ourselves sick for the entire forty-five minutes... Honestly, even the biggest MV fan can give this episode a pass unless it's watched with a big crowd and beers all around.
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