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Over the Edge (2012)
DeanLoves must be part of the production
22 September 2018
What are piece of crap! Never in my life will this movie be worth more than 3 stars. And that's only if you view it as a Comedy, which it obviously isn't. It's a good laugh, because it's so horrendously laughable.

And lol at the stupid "game", which is just an edge-enhancing pixelated camera filter. In what world would it ever be a game. It's not even AR?!
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Midnighters (2017)
Bgrader with a big B
8 March 2018
Its actually pretty amazing, that this crew made a movie with this kind of cinematic quality, when they didnt give two sharts about the story or character development. Its a clusterfuck of medium-filmmaking, and poor writing - trying to corrolate the few good ideas they have. It could have been made in a day, and then edited into something else.

99% dark mushy out-of-focus scenes, "stolen" shots from other horror movie and classic, and the most unrealistic farfetched, stupid plot for a horror movie in a genre, that HAS to be realistic, to be scary.

English is not my first language, i dont care about grammar much. The only thing that mattered was counterattacking the stupid review from the crew. 9/10, my ass. NOTHING in this movie is remotely interesting and none of the character are believable in any way. Every situation leads to a slap in your own face, and you wonder if you should give up, or what the last 50 minutes.

DONT WAIT FOR THE GOOD ENDING, that saves most shitty horrors/thrillers. It is not there.
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