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Taboo (1980)
The finest Adult film of all time
14 January 2007
This film is easily the finest adult film of all time. Even forgetting about the somewhat controversial theme, the scenes are HOT. Kay Parker is so much more sexual than any of the modern porn "queens" it's a joke. Mike Ranger as her son actually appears to thoroughly enjoy himself (as you would, as it appears that he and KP carried on an affair after the filming ended...after listening to the DVD commentary on the re-issue). After listening to an online radio interview with Kay Parker from 1999, she mentioned that she was at first uneasy about taking the role due to the theme of incest, but decided that she wanted to be the one who brought a touch of "class" to the subject and decided to proceed. And thank goodness she did, because I doubt if anyone else could have done as good a job. Modern film makers of the adult genre should study this film and see what they should be producing, not the endlessly looped gonzo rubbish that passes for porn today. Even though Kirdy Stevens never recaptured the heat of the original, he should be thanked for this piece of porn's finest.
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Taboo III (1984)
Better than No2, but not as good as No 1
14 January 2007
Kay Parker has always been hot. Let me make that perfectly obvious from ball one. Honey Wilder is almost at KP's standard....this is one of her finest offerings no doubt. But unfortunately the two male leads who play the sons are hopeless. Jerry Butler has never looked like he enjoyed being in porn, and Blake Palmer (?) is lame at best as Honey Wilder's son. And there is absolutely no flow on in story from Taboo 2 which makes the title somewhat superfluous. However the pure heat of KP and HW make up for the obvious shortcomings of this film. Both give ripping performances with plenty to like for fans of them. Again, like Taboo 2, could have been so much better, but easily hotter than it's immediate predecessor.
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Taboo II (1982)
Just OK
13 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The second in the series and in my opinion far inferior to either 1 or 3. The story had a loose connection with the first in that Dorothy LeMay meets up with Kay Parker in a card shop and proceeds to ask what happened to Paul (Mike Ranger), as in why did he suddenly disappear. Kevin James lisps his way into the conversation and says he needs to return some tools he borrowed off Paul, and should he return them to Barbara (Kay Parker).Kay Parker is always HOT so enough said. After taking on both KP and Juliet Anderson, Junior then sets in place his plan to do his sister and then his mother. Honey Wilder (the Mother) is always HOT so enough said. But the other performances were so so, and even though Dorothy LeMay (the Sister)never quite did it for me, she was pretty good here.

Eric Edwards was solid as usual as was Kevin James, but overall the film just didn't have the same heat as Number 1.

Nothing flash.....just OK
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