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Everyone (2004)
Terrific, Clever Film
7 February 2007
I would seem to be in the minority of user commenters -- I had this film from Netflix and liked it so much that I've subsequently bought it for my DVD library. Unlike other people who commented, I've known people who talk like these characters and, despite the seriousness and depression experienced by some of the cast I for one (and only one, apparently) find much that is amusing in the film. The director (and author) and his cast are to be commended. I love this film. I'm not a cinema scholar but, unlike many independent films, the technical aspects are also very good. One does not come away with the impression that it was done on a minimal budget. Excellent sound, editing, scoring and everything else. Bouquets all round!
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DVD release wasn't helpful
27 December 2004
I suppose we're grateful to WaterBearer films for making this odd film available to us. It would seem to have been originally shot in a wide screen format as there's a considerable amount of pan and scan. The subtitles are minimal. I have no Greek but those in French aren't entirely accurate nor complete. The film is episodic and only one of the segment's title is given an English subtitle. The credits are also in Greek and less than instructive. I feel the picture could have been more meaningful had we had a better grasp on what was happening. The repetitive reference to Wilde and Douglas reinforces the comments of my predecessor. The one really explicit pick-up sequence early on in the film ends outside the street person's curtained window and we have no silhouette nor even the extinguishing of a light within -- so who knows whether pour Napoleon ever had a satisfactory sexual experience. Still some fascinating performances. It did, however, leave one feeling cheated of a complete story.
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The Last Year (2002)
The Young People Were Good
24 April 2004
The "grown-ups" really did this movie in. The young woman and the four lead guys were very good. They were attractive and paced themselves well. How the "mature" folk got cast is beyond me. If there had been more realistic performances by their characters, the film would have been a great deal more satisfactory. The gay material by the young actors was nicely handled and not in the least offensive as is sometimes the case in a story of this nature. I didn't attend a seminary type school but it was a Methodist affiliated college and some of the situations really rang true. Now, fifty years after the fact, the world is really a better place. Hopefully there'll be fewer Hectors backed into that kind of a corner.
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Me and the Girls (1985 TV Movie)
One Of A Truly "Star Quality" Series
9 April 2003
If anyone is not aware, the entire STAR QUALITY series is now available on DVD on the BBC NOEL COWARD COLLECTION. This is a seven-disc set but well worth the cost. Perhaps one could find it as I did on an eBay auction. It's wonderful to have them. In addition to the STAR QUALITY short story sequence there's a grand PRESENT LAUGHTER starring Donald Sinden in the leading role originally played by Coward himself. There's also the complete TONIGHT AT 8:30 series of one-act plays written for himself and Gertrude Lawrence. The current series stars Joan Collins playing the Lawrence roles and she's quite good in some of them. There's also a PRIVATE LIVES, HAY FEVER, SUITE IN TWO KEYS -- everything, in fact, except BLITHE SPIRIT. Thank you, BBC!
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A splendid documentary!
10 April 2002
This (presumably) Australian made documentary of the life and accomplishments of Robert Helpmann deserves to be available via VHS or DVD for home consumption and enjoyment. A man who successfully bridged the gap from ballet to theatre and back again, Helpmann is certainly a part of history of those two art forms and it would be appreciated if someone would issue this in one of the video formats. His droll and telling anecdotes of his career together with comments from fellow actors and dancers is beautifully presented here. I saw it on a PBS telecast but it's not even available through their outlets. Help!!
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