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A mixture of french rural scenes and zen atmosphere
27 August 2006
I will just focus on the atmosphere here: it is a slow movie. The editing brings you into the rural people's rhythm of life, as well as to contemplation of everyday otherwise-common country scapes. Some people might get bored by it, but personally I believe that many movies trying to be that kind of beautiful just miss it because they are to nervously edited (paradoxally, such movies would be less boring if they were longer). Very often I feel bumped around from one shot to another when all I want is to enjoy a movie the way I would a great scotch: by savoring each sip - that is each line, each expression, each shot. That's what I got from "C'est quoi la vie", which avoids the common bad taste of a so-called entertaining pace.

Then there is the Zen touch, provided by the traditional Japanese single-instrumentation of the soundtrack, and probably the work of a Japanese photographer (quite unusual in a French film). Also, it was as daring as successful, in my opinion, to apply such a constant yellow filter to the picture, giving a warm "sunglasses" affect to the scenery along the whole movie, making it very pleasant for the eye.
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