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Awesome B-movie Action!!! Find It If You Can!
4 October 2009
This movie has it all if you love raw b-movie action. Brolin plays an ex-cop turned trucker who's on a personal manhunt to catch the maniac that kidnapped his daughter on her birthday. This sets Brolin's character on a chase across NYC from the subways to strip clubs to dog pounds and beyond.

This movie was a legend back in the day for my friends and I. We caught it on late night cable, but never managed to grab the full name of the film or the stars. What we did catch was the INCREDIBLE chase scene that takes the characters from cars to buses to trains to on foot as they crisscross Manhattan. Yeah, Bullitt and The French Connection are good and all, but the Night of the Juggler chase scene makes the action in those films seem average, if not unambitious.

This movie is sort of like the pinnacle of 70s/80s street-style film making. It has the intense, raw camera work of Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris flicks, paired with a vision of New York City akin to Wild Style (and maybe even just a hint of the Warriors). The characters here are a bizarre amalgam of clichés that still excite despite being retreads in many ways.

The bottom line - score this movie if you can! Far as I know, VHS was the final destination for this film in terms of home video. I bought my copy off of the Internet years ago and the tape was so old that it was broken. But I was determined to watch this flick (because it's so good!), so I cracked the case opened and and spent hours repairing the tape myself. It's just that awesome.
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good stuff
12 May 2005
i caught this at Tribeca 2005 and i was not expecting what i got - a realistic portrayal of a family in a drama film which wasn't melodramatic or preachy.

instead of distilling the personalities down to identifiable quirks, the cast and crew of aurora tackled the near impossible task of fully fleshing out the majority of the film's characters.

the result was a window into the life of a family that was fascinating to watch. this is also one of the few films I've ever seen which portrayed strong elderly characters. catch this when it hits theaters and video.
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The Wrong Guy (1997)
a real good time
19 December 2004
wow. who even knew this movie existed? well i was in virgin records and saw it on the shelf. suffice to say i rented it, and i LOVED it. i plan on buying it most likely. the beginning is a little slow but it's one of those comedies where you find yourself in tears by the middle. just terrific acting, especially by the investigator who loves to spend the gov't money on restaurants and theater - he really steals the show. seriously tho, if you enjoy great comedies with a silly edge - ex. The Naked Gun & Saving Silverman - you will enjoy this.

by the way - the movie was fairly kid appropriate. i think ages 10+ should have no problems watching this.
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Soul Plane (2004)
This movie is funny, fools.
6 June 2004
I have no idea where people get off saying this isn't a funny film. I laughed my ass off. In fact. I found myself in tears numerous times throughout the film. I guess some people would feel too "superior" to laugh at some of the more disgusting jokes, but I don't see how people could possibly argue with some of the films greatest moments, such as: Snoop's airline training school photo of him with a bunch of terrorists, the hilarious description of "tea bagging," and the spectacular performance by the character Gaymon. Yeah it's a fairly stupid film, but it's ridiculously funny. It's your loss if you're too busy being too refined to enjoy it.
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Needs work.
6 June 2004
This film featured a lot of people standing or sitting around staring at things whilst pretending to act emotional. I give the screenwriter credit for trying to tackle issues which tend to be universal in nature. However the script is so heavy handed that you feel as if the filmmakers are attempting to impose thier life views sternly upon the audience. A solid cast, but again the delivery of lines and the staring at something and pondering really ruined what could have been a much more engrossing film.
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Unexpected Hilarious Stupid
17 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
From these reviews on IMDB I expected this movie to disappoint me - instead I laughed my @$$ off at the ridiculous comedy of My Boss' Daughter. This film is a throwback to the 1980's stupid mix-up comedy (like Bachelor Party and Night Shift). EXCEPT this film takes the jokes to new bizarre heights. I rented this on DVD so maybe the R-rated version is better than the one released in theaters. But my friends and I can't stop talking about how funny it was and we can't wait to rent it again. Watch for such stupid terrific moments such as "I don't know if I want him around my bird," having a fake owl drink out of a toilet, jokes at the expense of the blind and people in wheelchairs, and the hallmark pinnacle of incredible humor when the guy eats the dirt in the montage. Don't worry - these aren't really spoilers. There aren't any plot surprises, or anything to give away really for that matter - the only surprise was how much fun I had watching this movie.
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Boat Trip (2002)
Boat Trip Sinks
5 February 2004
Boat Trip must have been made for a "Will and Grace" audience that enjoys humor on gay/straight tension. Unfortunately Boat Trip would appeal to neither Grace nor Will; not even the homophobic guy down the hall would find solace in its empty jokes. The film is just plain unfunny. I thought I would get a good cheesy laugh from this film. Instead I feel sure in saying I wasted my time. There were no redeeming plot materials, almost no outrageous jokes, and nearly zero memorable moments.

The only highlight of the film is Will Ferrell as a travel agent. Ferrell's 5 minutes of screen time are incredible as he practically tops any of his SNL performances. Unfortunately, those 5 minutes are too few to redeem the film as a whole. I would suggest this film to no one, except for hardcore Will Ferrell fans. Take a peak at Will's scene early on, and then return this DVD or VHS back to the store and get on with your > life.
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Kingpin (1996)
Kingpin bowls 300 game
5 February 2004
What can you say about a film that features such lines as "I think I tore my sac" ? Only that it's my favorite movie, and a modern comic masterpiece. Kingpin is not the Farrelly brothers' most family friendly feature. However, I believe, Kingpin is their greatest achievement in comedy, content, and cinematography. Despite the ridiculous concepts and events in the film, Kingpin manages to create strong emotional connections between characters and audience. The triple ball-hit towards the end of the film may be the greatest moment in modern slapstick humor. See this film if you love to laugh - let this film pass by if you are offended by anything.
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Can't Get Enough
4 February 2004
I don't know what it is about this film, but I can never seem to tire of it. The acting is nothing special, the camera work is dated, and the plot is confusing at times. But this doesn't effect the enjoyment I receive every time I put this DVD on and watch it again. In fact, the story grows more intriguing with every viewing. If you are a Chuck Norris fan, this is an especially fantastic find, since he is at rare form from start to finish. The plot has Norris race around the western US trying to stop an assassin gunning for members of his former CIA Vietnam unit. This may be one of the first films to feature truly "extreme" stunts, including snowmobiling, jumping thru a windshield of a moving car, along with other motorcycle, race car, and skiing related action. Luckily, now you can find the DVD in discount stores easily, and I believe it's worth picking up.
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