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Newbie astonished by some of the reviews here.
31 March 2019
I'm enjoying this series so far, though I will only make final judgement late in the series. Having been burnt in corporate politics myself and watched the unspeakable ways some people behave in the corporate world, this seems thoroughly realistic. Think of Harvey Weinstein, Richard Murdoch, Roger Ailes. I am just utterly gobsmacked by some of the reviews here. First, to condemn the entire thing based exclusively on the basis of the first episode is fantastic arrogance. Most of this seems to be the result of the reviewer's inability to pay attention to and keep up with the plot. To complain that vignettes are disconnected, as the DVD reviewer does, seems to misunderstand that this is not a movie but a s-e-r-i-e-s. The disparate threads should be drawn together in later episodes. If THAT fails, then you have legitimate grounds for criticism. If you can't get your head around that, stick with Peppa Pig. Second, to complain about the diversity in the series, first that it's there, then that it didn't go far enough is ridiculous. A black British PM? How preposterous! Er, I can think of at least two black MPs who are potential PMs, one maybe within weeks. If you can't handle diversity, there are plenty of reruns of Dads Army, and it can't be difficult to find episodes of the Black and White Minstrel Show, Benny Hill and Les Dawson to award 10/10 to. Third, one reviewer ascribes the motivation of other reviewers to commercial factors, a sweeping dismissal without the slightest evidence. That alone should be enough reason for IMDB to delete the review. There are legitimate grounds to criticise a series for, and such criticisms should be respected, even if you don't agree with them. But such 3rd rate reviews should be culled so they don't distort the series rating. One tweeter ridicules Max's ignorance of shortbread ... Well, go to Walmart and try to buy some and see the looks you get given! And so on and so forth. Sigh. Now let me get back to watching the ENTIRE series.
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