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15 Jan. 2019
The Spotlight
Boy band The Wonderland come second in the biggest music show on TV, but judge Sasha Small decides to sign the winners - a girl band called Girls Here First - instead of them. Feeling disillusioned, the boys have to find the inspiration to carry on - not easy when Nathaniel's mum wants him to focus on his school work instead of his music, and confiscates his guitar. The boys meet Chloe, a vlogger who will prove instrumental in ensuring they don't give up on their dreams.
15 Jan. 2019
The Concert
Chloe decides the boys need to record a music video to raise online awareness. Unfortunately, Nathaniel finds himself roped into taking his sister Molly to a Girls Here First concert - the one place he should never be seen. When Nathaniel is caught on camera at the gig, it proves to be the most embarrassing night of his life. Meanwhile, Oakley has secretly been texting Mya from Girls Here First and seeks advice from Harry on asking her out. He might think he's a ladies' man, but when he really likes someone he isn't as confident as he seems. He arranges to meet her ...
15 Jan. 2019
The Single
Nathaniel's video of him singing at the GHF gig has gone viral, and he's feeling embarrassed. Fortunately, Harry and Oakley think they have some good news: AJ has got them a gig, only to discover it's a private booking for local businessman Hot Tub Tony. But it gets worse - Tony wants them to record a single with his daughter Rosie on lead vocals, a tone-deaf spoilt brat who's completely obsessed with Harry. Meanwhile, Chloe and Molly visit Sasha to try to get the embarrassing viral video removed - but almost end up getting cast in a GHF music video.
15 Jan. 2019
The Photo
The Wonderland try to solve their 'Spotlight losers' image problem with a buzzworthy new band photo. The session with AJ's pet photographer friend is a disaster, but Chloe persuades a famous celebrity snapper to shoot the boys instead. But at the same time Oakley and Harry have other secret commitments. Getting them together proves to be harder than anyone expected. Oakley is leading a double life as he embarks on a secret dating mission with Mya that doesn't go well, while Harry finds himself joining a Mariachi band after accidentally dropping an amp on one of the ...
15 Jan. 2019
The Squid
The boys are working at the diner, and feeling further away from fame and success than ever. Making matters worse, Dan is broke, and unless he can get help, he's going to have to sell the diner. The Wonderland would lose their base and rehearsal space. Dan leaves the boys to mind the diner, having shut the kitchen, but when a famous customer, Fleur East, comes in asking for Dan's special squid chow mein, their efforts to keep her from leaving and provide her with the dish she's ordered almost end up burning down the Palais. Meanwhile, Dan visits Sasha, who promises ...
15 Jan. 2019
The Middle Eight
Harry is troubled when a hardcore muso, Trinity, describes The Wonderland as 'just another generic boyband'. Self-conscious about being part of a manufactured group, Harry searches for a more authentic sound. Chloe applauds the sentiment but says that this is not the time to be making big changes. The Wonderland are due to perform in a showcase, but during rehearsals Harry and Nathaniel fall out about the overall musical direction of the band, and Trinity only makes matters worse. Nathaniel, Oakley and Chloe realise that Harry seems to be under Trinity's spell, but ...
15 Jan. 2019
The Live Lounge
Chloe tries to get the boys onto a really popular vlog hosted by Tobylarious, a guy she used to go out with. She doesn't want to tell Nathaniel about their past, but things come to a head when the vlogger starts throwing his weight around. Nathaniel stands up for Chloe and throws away a chance for a big audience. Meanwhile, AJ is trying to prove himself as manager but only knows the old-school methods: getting their song into the hands of a top Radio 1 DJ. And GHF have had a recording released that sounds awful, so Sasha is leaning on her friend, the same R1 DJ, to ...
15 Jan. 2019
The Birthday
The Wonderland want to seize on the success of their surprise R1 Live Lounge session and get a new cover out asap, but this time with a video. Dan agrees to let them film at the Palais, but Sasha once again manages to ruin their plans by hosting a party for her boss Coleen at the Palais and locking the band out so they can't get their instruments. Meanwhile GHF need to impress Coleen at the party to get permission for a European tour, but Mya is distracted, trying to help Oakley and the band instead. Sasha risks public humiliation when she thinks Mya has sneaked the ...
15 Jan. 2019
The Chicken
Chloe wants to increase the social media buzz around the boys with more personality-led profiles and has secured interviews with various online magazines. Nate and Chloe run out of time when filling out a questionnaire so arrange a date to meet again to finish it, but both leave thinking that maybe 'it's a date' means it actually is a date. Panic sets in. Meanwhile, Harry's excellence at school means he gets to look after the school mascot, Phillip the cockerel, for the weekend, but Phillip escapes when Oakley leaves the door open. When they find a fully plucked and ...
15 Jan. 2019
The Ice Cream
When Nate meets Frankie Rylands, a failed boy band member, who has come to work in Dan's diner, he sees a vision of a possible future of himself in five years' time - washed up and washing up. He sees an opportunity to help a fellow talented musician. Meanwhile, Mya has agreed to go on a fake date with a famous singer to help cross-promote his new record and GHF's tour. Oakley gets very jealous, ending up in an awkward showdown.
15 Jan. 2019
The Boxing
Dan is launching a fundraiser at The Palais - amateur boxing night - and is looking for volunteers. Chloe and Mya sign up and it soon becomes a battle between The Wonderland and GHF - with surprising consequences. Nate supports Chloe while Oakley and Harry are in Mya's corner, but things get out of hand when Nate expresses his concern at Chloe's win-at-all-costs approach.
15 Jan. 2019
The Lost Guitar
The Wonderland are preparing for a live stream at The Palais, but their plans go into freefall after an engineer for band The Wild Kudos walks out of the Palais with Nathaniel's guitar - Lyndsey - by mistake. Nathaniel feels he can't play without it, so he, Chloe and AJ go off in search of it. Will they find Lyndsey in time for the live stream? Meanwhile, Sasha insists there are no secrets between her and GHF, and asks the girls to work on their honesty. They start to reveal some pretty brutal truths to each other.
15 Jan. 2019
The Prom
Harry's patience with the band is starting to run out, and finding out that their only gig is at the school prom makes him question whether they'll ever make it. Chloe starts to think whether she and Nate are really just friends or if there's something more to their relationship. Nate insists they're just friends, which Chloe takes very badly. When the prom is mysteriously cancelled, The Wonderland world is hanging by a thread. Not only that, GHF leave for their European tour only to find Oakley has smuggled himself on to the tour bus. Will Sasha find him, will Chloe ...

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