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Surprised and Disappointed In The Results
DKosty12328 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What, the bee didn't win?

Sorry, I felt Gladys Knight was the best singer.

Fire these judges, Gladys got robbed.

The Peacock was second, Donny Osmond beats Gladys Knight?

What in the wild wild world of sports are these judges voting for.

Osmond stops at the show every night on his way to Vegas where he is replacing Wayne Newton.

The Monster wins? I thought the Monster was Pee Wee Herman. Nope, it's the rapper T-Pain whose " Stay With Me " rendition wins this set?

What is amazing is that Stay With Me is a rip off lyric change of the song "Stand By Me".

Coincidence, the judges ripped off Gladys Knight, and painfully takes a song rip off performance and votes it a monstrous number 1 finish.

Well, I am not sure but I could barely tolerate any of the judges except Keenan.

The contest results cut a pretty thick rug with me.
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Definitely rigged
cmodzins14 August 2019
The host knew that T-Pain was the Monster the whole time. You can't tell me that this unknown rapper beat both Donny Osmond and Gladys Knight.
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