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  • Produced by Lingo Pictures for SBS, The Ropes is a sexy, gritty drama that is fast-paced and full of heart. It follows aspiring Iraqi-Australian boxing trainer Amirah Al-Amir (Chamoun) who has idolised her world champion father Sami (Naor) her entire life. While working in the family gym in Sydney's west alongside her two brothers, Amirah negotiates a professional debut match for her hardnosed fighter Jess O'Connor (Castle-Hughes) with Sami's long-time promoter Strick (Thompson). Furious that she has done this behind his back, her father threatens to cut her off. Desperate to chase her dream of transforming women's boxing, will Amirah choose her fighter or her family?


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  • Aspiring amateur boxing trainer, Amirah Al Amir has idolised her world champion father Sami her entire life. When she negotiates a professional debut match for her boxer Jess, Sami is furious. He doesn't believe Amirah or Jess are ready for professional fighting, and wants more for his daughter than a life inside a boxing gym. When Jess is caught against the ropes in a challenging round, Sami intervenes and a public argument between father and daughter results in Sami punching a Fight Official.

    In a humiliating fall from grace, Sami loses his trainer's licence, pending a tribunal. Forced to choose between her fighters and her family, Amirah starts her own women's only boxing gym. With high overheads and promoters refusing to support female boxers, Amirah starts training male mixed martial arts fighter Lachlan O'Leary to keep her gym afloat. Amirah is torn when their professional relationship shifts into romance; Lachlan couldn't be more wrong for her. Or more right. However when Jess is seriously injured during a fight, Amirah begins questioning her future in this brutal sport.

    Furious that at the tribunal Sami blames his daughter Amirah for his actions, she challenges him to a face to face in the ring; trainer against trainer; father against daughter. Lachlan will fight Amirah's brother Hayder in an edge-of-seat climactic match that pits Amirah's skill as a trainer against her father's.

    Over the series Amirah falls into an impossible romance, builds a pack of female fighters, destroys her relationship with her parents, and claims the greatest victory of all - her independence. Set in Sydney's western suburbs, On The Ropes is about empowerment, love, the resilience of families, and, above all, fighting for what you believe in. A sexy and gritty drama that is fast-paced and full of heart, encompassing truth, transfor- mation and the courage to fight the right fight, the right way. Especially when life has you on the ropes.

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