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21 Nov. 2019
What The Future?
When we first meet Dee, she accidentally likes her estranged friend's pic and tries to flirt with her crush. However, in a Most Awkward contest, neither of those things can compete with her dropping her phone in the toilet. Even weirder, her phone can now show the future, which could help her ace a pop quiz. The question is, should she cheat or not?
21 Nov. 2019
Keep Me Posted
Dee finds herself sitting outside of the principal's office after she made a major mistake. As if that wasn't wack enough, her mom, a teacher at her high school, shows up, too. But, when her phone gives her an opportunity to change the future for one of her friends, she has no idea who to help first. Who do you think it should be?
21 Nov. 2019
High school parties will never not be cool, and they're even cooler when they're at a super-secret location. Unfortunately for Dee, nobody is fessing up the address of What Party to underclassmen, so inconvenient! Maybe, if she helps out a friend with her all-knowing phone, she could squeeze the info out of them, but who will she place her bets on.
21 Nov. 2019
Phone a Friend
Thanks to her cunning and sheer wit (and, yes, her ESP-powered phone), Dee finally learns the secret location to What Party. So, what does she do with this sensitive intel? Uh, OBVIOUSLY leak it to the school's gossip account, duh! Clearly, this is what most people would call a "bad decision," but how bad will the fallout really be?
21 Nov. 2019
Dial M for Mistake
After Dee made a fatal flaw by leaking the info about What Party to the entire school, she's left in a real party pickle. On top of that, her BFF, Sara, just got dumped, so she doesn't have her usual sidekick to help her make the right moves. Except, she still has YOU. Help Dee save herself from herself.
21 Nov. 2019
Future's Not So Bright
Faced with the reality that the rager party is now definitely happening at her place, Dee now has to cook up a way to get her mom out of the house for the night. Turns out, her phone isn't the only device with some power. Dee grabs her mom's cell and resets a date with a VERY unexpected suitor. Who will it be?
21 Nov. 2019
Dee-Dee Phone Home
Much to Dee's dismay, What Party is now in full swing at her house. She tries her best to be chill, but it's hard when a bunch of high school hooligans could break expensive furniture at any given moment. She's gotta stop it - but will she make the sacrilegious move of calling the cops on her own party??
21 Nov. 2019
Future's Calling
As the party continues to rage, Dee takes a moment to comfort Marti after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. But before Marti reveals why she's been avoiding Dee this whole time, the 5-0 come a-knockin' on Dee's door. It's up to you to save Dee from the cops so that you can learn the truth.


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