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Facile and generic - wasted potential
wolfstar_imdb7 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Saru is Discovery's most engaging and best-performed character, and his race is its most interesting concept. So I'd been optimistic about this episode, especially as it's by the writers of one of season 1's most competent episodes. Unfortunately, it was far too facile, definitely weaker than the previous instalment (Calypso). I'm starting to think these Short Treks just aren't a good format at all.

Until now, we've been told that Kelpiens are hypervigilant and constantly aware of threats, with a finely attuned survival mechanism and great speed, all as a result of being a prey species that has to use its wiles to ensure its own survival - but here they're shown essentially as domesticated and docile, and willingly lining up to be killed (by who?) as part of an ingrained religious system. This goes against what we learned in season 1.

The beacon technology essentially falling into Saru's lap, him being able to use it to not only send a message but establish a dialog, and Starfleet being sent to rescue him and him only from the planet, are all highly contrived. Yeoh is a welcome presence but Georgiou's dialog is terrible here. Saru's relationships with his father and sister are also poorly sketched and incredibly formulaic. He has conflict with his father, who's conservative, rigid and loyal to tradition, but feels protective of his sister, who's innocent and pixie-like. (Gee, where've I seen that dynamic before, apart from every formulaic family drama ever?)

The idea of Saru as some agrarian peasant from a pre-warp society plucked from obscurity because some technology fell into his lap goes against what we've seen of him so far and doesn't serve his character well. Doug Jones is a fantastic actor, and I maintain that Saru and his race have tremendous potential, but that's wasted here in favor of an incredibly generic origin story that even seems to contradict what we knew of Saru and the Kelpiens.
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This Short Trek is not only inconsistent with Star Trek, it's inconsistent with Star Trek Discovery
birdoprey57 December 2018
While canon and continuity lapses between Discovery and the rest of the Trek universe are nothing new this Short Trek goes beyond and contradicts even Discovery's own prior canon. Without spoiling the Kelpians we see portrayed in The Brightest Star are nothing like we were told they were like. Even within this single 13 minute or so episode (not counting credits) they still couldn't stay consistent. Satu admits to "stealing" technology but nothing was stolen, it merely fell from an alien spacecraft. That isn't stealing technology. These are just two of many dozens of issues in another Short Trek. Not short enough, it seems.
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Get a Life
dncorp10 December 2018
Cannot believe how many people rated this low.

Get a Life, everything of this Series is outside as before the Timeline of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek Series.

All this is Episode was is the background story of Kelpien Saru being the First Kelpien to join Starfleet instead of being eaten Star Trek: Discovery, "Vaulting Ambition" "Michael Burnham sits down for dinner with the Emperor of the Mirror Universe. ... So she's shocked to discover, mid-meal, that she's eating Kelpien"
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Contradicts the canon books!?!?!
CoolBeans_10 December 2018
I have never read much of the Star Wars novels. The main reason is that they were not canon. Well, when Star Trek: Discovery novels were announced as canon I was happy to support them and my love of the new ST series. I have read all 3 of them as soon as they were released. The first two dealt with quite a lot of Saru's backstory and the 3rd book was 100% about Saru. I was happy to have such a great grasp on this character's backstory and personality as well as all about his people and planet.

Well.. here comes this short trek episode that 100% totally absolutely contradicts everything I have read in those 3 novels. A 10 minute episode hit the undo switch on 30 hours of reading. Thanks for nothing!!

I will never buy another ST:D book that's for sure!
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The story of an immigrant,a modern theme.
cargopants_soldier10 December 2018
This episode is a pretty interesting episode even for a Discovery anti-fan like me.There are so many people who simply can't understand how hard is for a person to leave his/her motherland for a better life,and not just for the sake of a better modern gadget,like many people are thinking,nobody puts the family in danger for something like that,for Saru ,his need for knowledge was the reason to make him to leave .I also liked very much the return of one of the best characters of the series.
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This was a good episode.
duck_dodgers-432848 December 2018
This episode is good,but unfortunately the next one will be disaster,because the villain is not scary,handsome or powerful ,is just a villain for suitable for the 60's,but this episode is good,the shuttle (which looks way better than the ones from DSC even if is supossed to be older just like Shenzou ) reminds me about the unused space aeroshuttle from Voyager.I always tbought Voyager was a pretty boring series and they should have been changed their uniforms with the ones from First Contact and Voyager should have been replaced with a ship like USS Prometheus,for better ratings, the producers don't had the courage to do nothing ,so i think Discovery should be replaced by a ship like Shenzou or Europa ,and the shuttles shuld be replaced by the new old one from this episode.By the way,the color scheme of the uniforms is below the color scheme of the uniforms from the Cage,and the uniforms from Beyond are looking so spectacular compared with the ones from DSC.I have one question that bothers me about the new series:-Why Enterprise uniforms have the color scheme of the uniforms used in Kirk's timeline,10 years later ?To conclude,this is one of the most Trekkie episodes of this show.
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mms-135218 December 2018
Another episode short HORRIBLE, boring and what is worse; breaking with several of the rules of the protagonist's race that had been explained in the first season of this mess. Other than that, it does not add anything, it's just another 15 minute loss of time.
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