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Lost in style
Horst_In_Translation22 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Little Match Girl" is a Swedish live action short film from 2018, so still relatively new and fresh and this one will probably be seen by more people again in the next two months as Christmas is moving closer, which we see through Christmas trees outside and of course Christmas food now being sold in stores. Anyway, this one here was written and directed by Björne Larson and his first movie apparently in about a decade, but from what I saw here he still seems a bit rusty. The more famous name here is probably the one of a producer who already won two Oscars. I was not too impressed by this movie. Of course this is based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen and actually they made many (short) films on this subject already and this one here is definitely among the weaker ones. Which is a pity because looking at the cast that consists of Golden Globe nominee Rebecca Ferguson (actually born in Sweden) one of the Skarsgård boys (Gustaf, not the most famous one, and his character is much older than him) and Shree Crooks (plays the title character and has been in surprisingly many famous films given her age) there definitely was the premise for this one truly making in impact. Instead the film lost itself in desperate attempts of way too long shots trying so hard to come up with emotion, but coming painfully short. The soundtrack is not helping much either. This film really wanterd to be taken seriously, but it is virtually impossible. Not the actors' fault. I think they rather went wrong with the script here and camera work as I said. Also the snow component that is for example so dominant and frequent to see (and the shivering resulting from it) felt almost non-existent in this version we got here. Pity. Language is Swedish, but dialogues are virtually inexistent here, so you can understand the film no matter where you are from and what languages you (don't) speak without subtitles. If you want to, that is. My suggestion is still that you should maybe skip it. Had I not known from the title, I probably would not even have guessed this is really Anderson's story that i truly love otherwards. Now I don't know if this was eligible for the 2019 Academy Awards already or not, but if not then maybe it will go for a nomination in 2020. It would not be deserving at all though and the (according to imdb) three awards it won already are too many in my opinion. Watch something else. This one here show how pretentiousness can ruin a solid idea.
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Wow..just WOW!
paulmacqueen701 October 2019
This is without a doubt one of the saddest,most beautifully filmed little movies i have ever seen. The little actress who plays the lead is an absolute star in the making. I am sitting here an hour after watching it still moved almost to tears just thinking about it.
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