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Rasmus Hardiker: Kem



  • General Zod : So, what are we going to do?

    Jayna-Zod : We need to raise an army. We can go to Kryptonopolis, establish a base there, reach out to other city-states, and return in force.

    Nyssa-Vex : My sisters live there. They can provide us with those resources and connections we need.

    General Zod : There's no time. Brainiac's gonna take the city in a matter of weeks. We must stay and fight!

    Jayna-Zod : We will not stand a chance. He controls the Sagitari. If we attempt this ourselves, we'll be slaughtered.

    General Zod : Then so be it. If we are going to die, then at least...

    Kem : I'm just gonna stop you there. Um, I don't wanna die, so...

    Seg-El : There's another way. The Nova Cycle celebration. That's how we get our army.

    [holds up a blaster] 

    Jayna-Zod : Not with that. Our weapons have no effect on him.

    Seg-El : They might not harm him, but they will piss him off... when everyone was gonna be watching. If we can provoke him into revealing his true nature, if we can show the people that the Voice of Rao is an alien creature, the entire city will rise and stand against him. We will have our army.

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