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More please!
kate-911-988991 June 2018
I absolutely loved this. I've read the articles and seeing how they run down stories is fascinating. It shows how tough it is for them in this age when the press is under attack, and the decisions they have to make. I'd highly recommend it.
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The Times doesn't even see their own lack of diversity of opinion.
Tcarts764 July 2018
I give this a 7. I think this was a very good look at the inner workings of the Times. There is nothing wrong with this documentary. It is well done.

The part I find weird is that, watching this you can see the bias. the single minded intent, and the lack of diversity of opinion, pretending to be journalists going after a story. I actually don't so much believe the Times is actively as biased as many conservatives feel, It seems to me to be an almost an aloof bias. When they are breaking stories it is glaring that they don't have a single person on staff to bat a different point of view back and forth. They are all of one mindset, "Get Trump, trash Trump, hate Trump." They are indeed doing their jobs going after the story. There is no argument there, and that is what every news organization should do. But it becomes apparent, if you are not a "progressive," that they are all after an angle on the story, not the story. Every news clip they show is on MSNBC, or CNN. Every news clips on the Televisions of reporters and editors, is...MSNBC, or CNN. Could you imagine if the Times had pursued the Obama Admin in this manner? They would be blasted as racists, sabotuers, etc.

This documentary kind of hurts the Times. It appears through the edits that the Times only reports negative stories on Trump and dismisses anything at all positive. They have no one on the staff that even has a positive mindset towards Trump. In the first episode they show the reporter that covers Republicans and the Conservative movement and its clear from body language that he doesn't understand conservatives, and has a disdain for not only Trump, but all conservatives. This is ok, I guess you could claim that is a way to be critical but my guess is whoever they have covering the progressive movement is likely neck deep in the movement is extremely comfortable and cozy with those they are covering.

Another reporter, not covering Russia, says he tries to write about things that "piss him off." Of course he is attacking the Administrative state on de-regulation. He is admitting he is an activist journalist with a big conflict of interest. He doesn't seem to be concerned for the last admins. destruction of the rights of individual Americans, States Rights, or the trampling of these rights by unelected bureaucrats, but as soon as de-regulation is mentioned this guy is all over attacking the Trump admin. Is this unbiased reporting? No.

The biggest thing this doc shows is the lack of diversity of opinion at the Times. The Old Gray Lady is of one solid opinion and you cannot avoid seeing why they couldn't get the 2016 election right. They were angry about the election and only pay a passing glance to understanding how they got the election wrong. If they want to understand how Trump got elected they really need to dive into the arrogance of their staff, editors, and staff, and that lack of diversity of opinion. The Grey Lady needs an overhaul and it is not one that comes from "understand" by the current employees, but maybe could come with a change over of many of their employees. Go after the stories, they are great at that, but they must have a much more diverse conversation about their narratives. The reason Trump resonates when he talks about "Fake News," is because the media doesn't even recognize their own bias. They spent 8 years cheering on, backing up, and extolling the glories of one point of view. They got so in deep with that Admin. that they completely insulated themselves from any opposing view. This attitude has poisoned them all. At this point, I don't know if they will have anyway to recover at all. America has more opinions than the left.
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Like a Hollywood movie on journalism
pete3630 June 2018
We folllow the staff of NYT during their coverage iof Trumps' first year in office.

My five points are for the directing and editing which are near brilliant. It feels like " All the president's men" or "The Post" but then for real. You can easily see Hoffman or Hanks as one of the NYT reporters here . They all are those cleancut almost sanctimoniously noble and driven journalists hunting for the bad guy, in this case ofcourse Trump (instead of Nixon).

But that's also the main problem with this documentary : it is completely one-sided as it only deals with: the viewpoint of the Democratic elite. As I sometimes glance to the NYT (the EU version) it becomes clear that the whole newspaper is completely obsessed by Trump. The bulk of the articles are directly linked to him. Besides it got the sales up again it is also due to the fact the NYT is largely owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim who obviously is no friend of Trump. So much for objectivity then. But it is really well made.
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Please continue....
morag-reaper29 June 2018
I want this documentary to continue ....absolutely fascinating!
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A Great Snapshot Illustrating Why Media is Dead
aniceguyinquincy18 July 2018
As a former investigative journalist with more than two decades of experience, it sickened me to watch these sanctamoneous "journalists" who have already made up their mind on a story. I prided myself on being objective and always believing both side of an argument--but what have they got to show after all this time? And millions and millions spent on a witch hunt? These reporters will go down in history as examples of how they and their leaders (my goodness doesn't Mr. Barquet seem so arrogant) ruined the trust we had once in this once storied journalistic institution and how personal biases and just plain stupidity at allowing entrenched establishment members dictate what is news. Do you honestly believe a Russian influenced my decision to vote against a person who enabled a sexual predator to thrive for decades, robbing the souls of all those women and then Hillary and her henchmen (ABC's George Stephie being one) tried to destroy these women. Great job by the filmmaker capturing their arrogance, but the subject matter sure bummed me out at how biased and forever ruining the Times' reputation due to their reckless actions.
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True up to date story!
aurasbob13 June 2018
A look at the beginning of the 2nd Civil War in America! Factual, well done and Scary!
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Why the NYT?
joshuaalguire28 May 2018
A series of segments about NYT reporters covering Donald Trump's presidency. If you've ever wondered what it's like inside the NYT echo chamber, this may interest you. For everyone else, it's basically a ripoff of "The Circus" except instead of last week, the content is over a year old and instead of personable hosts there are a bunch of pretentious NYT reporters.

I get it, Trump is awful, but I just suffered through two years of the MSM obsessing about Russia and whinging about mean tweets. Why would I want to watch a documentary series review the same inane partisan hackery in detail?
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Anti- Trump Propaganda
olgasafin23 August 2018
A closer look at the inner workings of the Political biased news and attacks through journalism to those that dont fit the narrative.
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An unintentional comedy show
quailpat3 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is being played up as a drama series but the 1st episode has some of the comedy aspects that The Circus did.Once is example is when one of the correspondents goes on The Daily Show introduceb as The Failing New York Times,then the next few minutes is about how the staff is shrinking,they are losing 7 floors and the reporter has paint all over his jacket from the new construction for the business in the new vacated space.The Media Elites got kicked to the curb and they don't know what to do or how to act.By the end of 8 years of Trump this will be an interesting look back at the final days of major print media.Eventually they will have to go to digital only and just be another site begging for eyeballs.It would have been interesting to show the real people who kept the Times afloat.One reporter complained that Amazon is helping the Washington Post while not mentioning the Carlos Slim ,a Mexican Billionaire who got rich by taking over the formally government owned telecommunications system,was the only reason that the NYT is still around.
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