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Enjoyed this series very much...
duttonlucy-2845426 December 2018
I enjoyed this series very much. It moved along at a good pace as well. It didn't seem to be painfully drug out as some series are in order to get more episodes in, as well.
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This series had me hooked.
pinkarray17 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sacred Lies is a very intriguing mystery-crime story about a young cult girl who beats up a man with green eyes, leading her to go to juvenile detention. The story unfolds, revealing many mysteries surrounding the fate of her hands, her mysterious sister, the Prophet and God, the cult, and why Minnow acted the way she did. Even the supporting characters such as Angel and Dr. Wilson gets backstory and character development and I liked to see how Minnow bonds with the other people in the juvenile detention. There are both good and annoying characters, such as Angel, who has an unlikeable, hostile personality who can't take crap from anyone, which causes her to have trouble making friends. She did have a few funny, charming moments but I was annoyed by her jerkish attitude. Constance, who was okay before she got obsessed with Charlie, then she became an overzealously stubborn, suicidal brat. But it was a touching moment where Minnow, who loves her deeply and is so protective of her found out that she had to cut off her own hands and dies in the fire and Minnow started crying. That red head girl I forgot the name of was a bully at the start but then she became friends with Minnow, which was sweet. Usually, I am not fond of the enemies-turned-friends relationship but that execution worked here since everyone in the setting had done something wrong.

The show is very complex so there were a few things I had trouble understanding but most of the things are explained within the show so there weren't too many questions I had. I love the story, it was unique and Minnow is a well-meaning character if you see the end of season one, Minnow didn't go to juvenile detention for a stupid reason, she went there because she was mislead to believe that the person who brought many bad luck was a green-eyed guy. I love the quirky idea of an evil God. It does get more and more intense later on the series, which kind of threw me off because few of the characters get worse but most of the time, they make up for it so it's not totally bad character development.

One generally bad part is the romance. Maybe it's me not being a fan of romance but like I felt that the relationships between Minnow and Jude and Dr. Wilson and this other woman that I forgot the name of was a bit underdeveloped so therefore, I couldn't care for their relationships. Not that this is a romance anyway, this is more focused on mystery.

The actors all did a charming job here, they were compelling and brought their characters to life. Elena Kampouris is a beautiful actress. The soundtrack was wonderfully dramatic and I wish that they would release a CD or put the music on Youtube or something.
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Get drawn in
lkirwin946 January 2019
To bad there wasnt enough advertisement.. great show
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