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Season 1

6 Jan. 2018
During the wedding of Alex and Marrine, a Chaos Demon creates an irreversible tragedy.
13 Jan. 2018
Theo comes to terms with ruling his own territory, but Siluca is worried that neighboring Lords might try to conquer the region before Theo can settle in.
20 Jan. 2018
Battle Flag
Much to Siluca's annoyance, Theo allows Priscilla to serve him. As Theo's forces begin consolidating their power, Siluca suggests that Theo should take the name of Cornaro to pursue his dream of liberating his homeland.
26 Jan. 2018
Despite Marrine interest in Theo as an ally, Moreno advises against it since she believes he cannot be trusted.
3 Feb. 2018
Forest of Eternal Darkness
Pledging to serve Villar, Theo heads to Artuk with Siluca. The first task Villar gives them is to govern the Forest of Eternal Darkness, a territory ruled by vampires.
10 Mar. 2018
Blade of Betrayal
After subjugating Starck, Waldlind barely pauses before invading Altirk. Villar joins forces with neighboring domains Kilhis, Regalia, and Haman to repulse Waldlind, but then a new enemy arrives from the seas.
30 Mar. 2018
A Treaty Formed
Even after Villar is killed, the Altirk Lords continue to fight on. Gathering at Lassic's castle, the Lords of the Union proclaim the forming of the Altirk Treaty to carry on Villar's legacy. Lassic nominates Theo to lead the Treaty, but is unable to get the other Lords to agree, as Theo's current list of military accomplishments falls short of their expectations for their leader.

 Season 1 

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