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Unacceptable inaccuracy
mttiro1 March 2018
For a show that deals strongly in medical issues, this episode at one point unacceptably perpetuates a medical myth. Revealing this doesn't, IMO, qualify as a spoiler, and I don't think it will ruin the plot for anyone.

The Fire-Department guys are called to a specialized yoga class where all the participants are late-term pregnant women. One woman has become "stuck" in a yoga pose and says she can't move because of severe pain in her back and legs. After the fire-guys/EMTs examine her, they determine that the baby is OK and that she has probably injured her back attempting the difficult yoga pose. Then the FD leader says, "She probably just *slipped* a disc."

The problem, of course, is that there is no such thing as a "slipped disc." Spinal-column discs don't "slip" in and out of the spinal vertebrae like greasy pancakes. Discs herniate. They get tears in them, and those tears allow the fluid that separates and cushions our vertebrae to ooze out and press against the spinal nerves, causing pain.

This is the 2nd "medical" program I've seen on TV within the past few months where the script has inaccurately perpetuated this incorrect myth. Why not just say, "She has herniated a disc"? Why not share correct medical information, instead of medical myths? I fault the show's writers, consultants, and producers for thinking we're all too dumb to be able to handle the correct medical terminology here.
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