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Funniest episode of season 2!!!
mwalk-3191317 May 2018
I haven't found myself being a fly on a wall throughout show like this in my life. This show give you a great fresh feel. Feel like you cant miss one second. VERY efficient and captivating. Never seen Earn get so worked up just HILARIOUS
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North of the Border
Prismark1011 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It is evident that Earn is not cut out to be a manager for a rising rap star. Paper Boi needs better and firmer management. He hangs with the wrong type who always gets him into trouble.

This episode starts off slowly, takes a surreal left turn and finishes with some shocking brutality.

Earn has arranged for Al to play at a university in Georgia. It involves a road trip and Earn does not book hotel rooms but gets everyone to stay with a student who is a big Paper Boi fan. The student gig could be good for Al, it could provide him with a loyal fan base and lead to better things. The aftermath of the gig ends in chaos, the spurned fan throws a drink at Al, Tracy then goes to confront her.

It all leads to them be chased across the campus and they end up in a Frat House taking part in an initiation ceremony featuring some nude male students. Paper Boi is irritated that there is no weed and he tells Earn that he is thinking of getting another management team.

Earn realises he is on the way out and blames Tracy on the way back.

You feel sorry for Earn that his meal ticket might be coming to an end but he has not been a good manager with Paper Boi getting into scrapes time after time.
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