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The Clubhouse
ilklucg23420 May 2018
Clay, Sheri and Justin dig deeper into the secrets of the clubhouse, while Tony is on trial.

This was a good episode, not as gut-punching as the ones before, but still very uncomfortable in that sense. I still did not get over the fact that you can tell that all of this was not planned originally, otherwise Hannah would have probably not kept all those secrets, but it is a good enough story to definitely keep me interested.
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Smile, Bitches (#2.10)
ComedyFan20106 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A girl bullied by Hannah in previous school and Tony testify. Clay finds the clubhouse. Tyler loses his friend.

I am not sure why Justin didn't know about clubhouse. I believe he was part of the team. Wow, Bryce is horrible.

I liked Mr Porter talking to Justin. He did everything to help him out.

Now we know how Tony beat up the guy. And while the reason is clear I still feel bad for the man that he was injured so badly. I don't think it would beat homophobia out anyways.

Poor Tyler. I can't help but feel sorry for him. It was a bad idea to make that girl be quiet. But he the guy who got bullied the most in school now also lost his one friend and his parents took away his cameras. I couldn't stand them then. I guess we are coming soon to the big consequences of this.
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