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Mark Wahlberg: Pete



  • Juan : Do you like the Clippers?

    Pete : I'm more of a Lakers fan.

    [Pete throws the basketball at the net, it bounces off the ring and hits Juan in the face] 

    Juan : You hit me because I like the Clippers!

    Pete : No, I think the Clippers are awesome. I think they were smart for trading Blake Griffin, their best player.

  • Mrs. Fernandez : Things that matter are hard.

    Pete : Now I know where Brenda gets her inspiring speech thing.

  • Karen : Lizzie comes with two younger siblings.

    Pete : Three kids, too much.

    [Karen and Sharon show the pictures of Juan and Lita to Pete and Ellie] 

    Pete : Oh, my God!

    Ellie : God, they're adorable!

    Pete : Why would you show us that? That's wrong.

  • Ellie : Whose idea was it to go and talk to the teenagers? We could've had a toddler who doesn't have opinions and thong underwear.

    Pete : What?

    Ellie : You pushed us into some next-level shit!

  • Pete : We might have a little bit of knack for this.

    Sharon : I beg to differ.

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