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The Road to Waterloo and the Aftermath
lavatch30 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Despite the anxiety of the upcoming showdown between Napoleon and the allied forces, Becky Sharp is supremely confident not only of the outcome of the battle, but her own skills as a horse trader. After snubbing the offer of Lady Bareacres of rubies for the two steeds belonging to Rawdon, Becky deals with Jos Sedley for a substantial sum of cash in Brussels.

The first half of the program covers the gruesome battle of Waterloo in which Dobbin distinguishes himself and George Osborne dies a hero, and the second half deals with the aftermath for the families. Both Becky and Emmy deliver healthy babies. As a widow, Emmy is once again befriended by the long-suffering Dobbin, even after he is transferred to India.

Emmy must now deal with her shape-shifting, Scrooge-like father-in-law who takes a liking to his grandson. But Emmy rejects his offer to leave his estate to the lad on the condition that the child comes to live with him.

Meanwhile, the tirelessly creative Becky improvises a gambling club in her apartment in the well-to-do Mayfair district. Rawdon is her resident card shark who apparently earns a living at gambling while Becky plays the piano and sings for card players. At the close of the program, there are hints that the nefarious figure of Lord Steyne, one of the gamblers, has designs on Becky.
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